Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lunch With Two of My Favorite People

That's right, go ahead and be wildly jealous. I spent my afternoon with my very first online writer buddies: Kiersten and Renee. This is the second time all three of us have been able to get together. The first time was last August, and it was just as much fun this time around. Maybe even more fun because I don't have many close friends, and these two are some of my closest and I never get to see them for reals.

After a nice lunch (minus one seriously slow server), we headed to Barnes & Noble. Uh, where else would three writers go? While there, we proceeded to get weird stares while shamelessly taking pictures of ourselves in the YA section where our book would be if, ya know, we ever got published:

Renee would be next to Suzanne Collins and a little book called The Hunger Games. Uh, lucky! Talk about prime real estate.

Kiersten would be pretty close to Scott Westerfield and The Uglies series, which, well, ain't too bad either.

And me? Well, I'd get to be next to Kiersten when she gets there. I think it rocks that we'd be shelf buddies.

Then we had to take a picture next to the coveted Co-op Table of Destiny:
If you notice, I have two books in my hand (If I Stay and Eyes Like Stars)...like I can leave that place without buying something. I also forced Renee to buy The Hunger Games (Ren, I'll refund you if you don't like it, but I'm pretty sure I'll be keeping my money.).

Let's do this again next year at the latest, okay?


  1. How Fun!! Hey, I'd be next to you and Kiersten in YA book land as well. Yay for 'W's. :) And I agree, you won't have to refund Renee, that book rocks.

  2. Ditto to everything. It was a fabulous day with two fabulous girls. And Kasie, I'm so glad your book will come snuggle ours!

  3. I just bought Eyes Like Stars, but haven't gotten a chance to read it yet - looks great though!

  4. So jealous. Hear me gnashing my teeth with jealousy?

    Oh, and next time, you'd better send Kiersten the memo about the dress code. She wore the wrong color. :)

  5. Shelf buddies, how descriptive!

  6. Not only are you going to be shelf buddies together but the three of you are gorgeous!

  7. I'm glad I don't write YA - too much competition! Seriously, best of luck to all three of your rockin' gals. Looks like it was a great time.;-)

    (BTW: I found you through the uber-awesome Kiersten, but don't tell her I think she's uber-awesome. If laptop finds out, I'm sunk!)

    PS: Hi, Kasie!!!

  8. Well I love Debra enough for the both of us, you wicked machine.

    And I know, Carrie. They totally didn't tell me to wear green. Lame.

  9. Hey, Debra! Welcome, pull up a chair. What's your favorite ice cream flavor? I have em all.

    Kierst, see, I assumed you'd naturally wear green, since it's your favorite color and all. I thought I'd try and match. *Shrugs*

  10. The cuteness in this post is devastating and should require a license.

  11. Natalie, I'm a chocolate girl all the way, plus I'm following you now so you better behave (that means, no more laptap taking over your blog!). Stop by my place if you get a chance. I put out some milk and cookies for you.;-)

  12. You guys are adorable! That looks like too much fun!

  13. This is a riot — though without the SWAT teams and tear gas, of course.

    And what a great way to think about the future bookshelves of the world.

    Looks like I'm going to have to write me some YA, just so I can sneak between you and Kiersten...

  14. FUN!!! I totally want those pics! :)

    It really was a blast to hang out with you gals. We definitely have to do it again next year. Or sooner!

    P.S. Why was I the only one making a dumb face near my spot in the bookshelves? :P

  15. I envy all of you. It looks like you had so much fun.

  16. I've found where I would be too. I can't remember who I would be next to. I wonder what the shopkeepers thought of people posing at shelves...

  17. Um, hi. Cutest girls ever!

    Wish I had been there :)

    (Also, If I Stay is *AMAZING* I hope you like it!)

  18. Haha, I've totally done that too!


    Glad to know I'm not the only one.

    I won't be particularly close to any of y'all (last name Hoffman) but it'll still be pretty sweet to be on the same shelf at all!