Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Facebook Plunge

I left Facebook about two years ago, when I was in the depths of submissions and I just couldn't handle any more social media reminding me how much my life sucked.

Dramatic, I know.

And yet I knew Facebook was kind of a Big Place that I needed to be at least in some form, so I promised myself that I would rejoin the ranks a year out from my book debut. Well, I still don't have an official release date, but it IS Summer 2012, and Summer 2013 is next year. So here I am making good on my word.

I've made A Page for myself, which feels like the lamest thing possible, and yet the most simple for keeping my personal and professional lives separate. Please feel free to join. Or not. I'm just telling you it's there, and for book-related stuff that's where I'll be updating on Facebook.


  1. Liked it. I've kept two pages, one that's an author's page and one that's a regular page where I post just about anything I like... but it's under my penname. I don't have one at all under my regular name.

  2. Someday, when I grow up, I'll have an author page too. *stares at wishing star*

  3. Awesome Natalie. I liked your page. Looking forward to news of your book.

  4. Liked it! And I'm with Becky...although I think I'd feel a little sheepish about it, having an author page up on FB would be a cool career landmark. :) Like you, though, I'd wait until I had a book waiting in the publishing wings before I put one up. I wouldn't have enough chutzpah otherwise!