Monday, February 12, 2018

Sara Says Nice Things About THE VENGEANCE CODE

Guysssssss. I am so lucky to have great friends who have cheered me on through all the struggles, and one of them happens to be Sara Raasch, author of the bestselling series SNOW LIKE ASHES. (She also has another series out this year with pirates!!! Check out THESE REBEL WAVES, coming August 7.)

Sara was kind enough to offer a blurb for THE VENGEANCE CODE, and here it is in its full glory:

McKenzie balances epic esports and fast-paced arena matches with the all-too-familiar brutality of class segregation and violent prejudice. Anyone who’s ever wanted to escape reality will find THE VENGEANCE CODE perilously alluring.  

—Sara Raasch, NYTimes Bestselling Author of the Snow Like Ashes Trilogy

I have all the warm fuzzies. The poor woman had to read the non-line-edited version, so she really is a trooper and I appreciate her seeing the ultimate vision of the novel. Sorry you had to read those extra 7k words my editor cut!

I'm still wading my way through edits on this beast (which is taking much longer than projected due to some delays), but I believe I can stick on my projected release of April 3rd. Fingers crossed!


  1. That is so fantastic! :D God bless you as you continue writing and editing this fabulous-sounding story!!!