Friday, November 16, 2018

A Change Of Plans

Sometimes your best laid plans just...poof. I had this whole plan to bust out a ton of sci-fi novels this year to build my pen name, Nat McKenzie. I would have so much time with my kids all in school full time!
...and then I went and had a baby.
While I *did* write a ton of novels, they weren't the sci-fi ones I planned to write. They were Fortnite novels I was being paid to write—thus they came first. Now I am so behind on my plans. Plus, my baby is the type who sleeps through the night but doesn't nap for more than 30 mins during the day. And I have to be I'm holding him, or he has to be in the carseat while I walk the track at the rec center/run errands.
I am well rested and incapable of being productive on my writing. It's an interesting combo. I have lost some baby weight from all that track walking, though!
All this to say it's become abundantly clear that my plan for a pen name is just not going to work. It makes a lot more sense to republish THE VENGEANCE CODE back under Natalie Whipple, given the speed I will be getting books out now (i.e. slower than a snail).
It's annoying. And I feel a bit silly. But it is what it is. Plans have to change, and the great thing about being indie is I can change them! I do apologize to those few people who have purchased the book, for the odd change, but at this point having all my backlist under one name is the only logical choice.
With any luck, THE EXECUTION LOOP will be out at the end of summer 2019. I sure wish it was sooner, but at the rate I'm could very well be later. I'm so sorry, but alas. Life is life. And mine is super weird like that.


  1. Life comes first. There's that expression that life happens when you're busy making other plans.

  2. If there are more Vengeance Code stories coming out, I don't care what name's on them so long as it's one of yours!