Friday, July 13, 2012

13 Book Giveaway!

Happy Friday The Thirteenth! My friends and I over at Friday The Thirteeners are having a BIG giveaway—13 books we wish we'd written! Plus some fun with anagrams and mock covers. So run over and enter!

I am actually offering up TWO books (had to make it 13!). The first is WHITE CAT by Holly Black. I absolutely love this series. It is clever and dark and creative and so very well written. I remember thinking as I was reading, "Man, I wish I'd come up with this it's so freaking cool!" And the mob vibe kind of reminds me of my own novel TRANSPARENT. It's one of the few books out there that is kind of comparable.

The second book I'm offering is HEIST SOCIETY by Ally Carter. I have a massive writer crush on Ally, guys. I am a huge fan of both the Gallagher Girls and the Heist Society, but I had to pick HEIST today because it's a little closer to my book and that was the theme—pick a book we wish we'd written in our genre. HEIST SOCIETY is so smart, and I'm always amazed at Ally's ability to come up with these elaborate heists that always surprise and delight me.

So yeah, I'm a total Holly and Ally fangirl. AND PROUD OF IT.

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  1. I love WHITE CAT and HEIST SOCIETY as well. Definitely on my all time favorites list.