Wednesday, October 31, 2007

First Rejection

So I received my first rejection today, which is faster than I thought it would be, seeing that I sent the query yesterday. But I am happy about the fast turn around. One less to worry about.

Surprisingly, it didn't sting as much as I thought it would. Granted, of the five agents I've queried so far, I was sure this one was the least likely. I think some of the others may hurt more than this one. And when I've gotten all rejections back, I'm sure I'll feel some amount of despair. For now, I'm holding up just fine.


  1. Heh. I remember this feeling. For sending out short stories. The first few rejections are like, OK, that's expected. Then they just keep coming and you're like, Oh wait... SOMEONE is supposed to like me!

  2. My fastest rejection was 20 minutes. Ouch.