Friday, December 29, 2017

Upcoming: The Vengeance Code

Way back during NaNo 2014, I wrote a book. It was a super ME book. (Do I write anything else?) It had an underground bunker where people used "Total Submersion Virtual Reality" to escape their tiny world. But there was one problem—this virtual reality tech wasn't perfected and caused people pain on re-entry to the real world. Pain that eventually killed. There was virtual reality pro-gaming. And a girl determined to avenge her father, who was murdered and his VR tech stolen. And a boy heir to a said VT Tech company he didn't know was stolen.

It was sticky and odd and had a huge cast and all the other things I write. I loved it. I believed for a long time maybe publishing would love it, too. But, well, I'm me. And for some reason my style and traditional publishing...anyway.

This year has been a year of trying to figure out what I really want from my writing and my life. I've explored attempt after attempt to sell again to traditional publishers, trying to convince myself this would make me happy again if I'd just get that validation. I took a period of time to consider just quitting writing entirely (that lasted a few horribly cranky months). And I finally came to the conclusion that I need to keep doing what I love—even if I'm moving into more of a "hobby mode" than a "money-making success" mode.

So I'm publishing that weirdo NaNo book I wrote in 2014 and spent years editing only to watch it fail on sub like so many others. It's now called THE VENGEANCE CODE, and there will be at least two more in the series.

Expect a cover reveal in early January! (And it is an AMAZING cover. I cannot wait to show it off.) And a release date in mid-March! (So soon...)