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Please see my Reference page.

Do You Do Interviews?
Yes! I'm happy to answer any questions. The only thing I ask is that the interviews be on the shorter side—that way I can get to more people. Message me on any social media platform to set something up.

Where Can I Find Your Books?
My books are available through most major booksellers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, and Book Depository.

Can you give me an ARC?
Most ARCs are distributed through my publishers, and I have no control over who gets them. I receive a few author ARCs, and if I do give them away it will likely be a contest on this blog or at various events I attend. So follow me here, on Twitter, or on FB to see when those opportunities arise.

Can you give me a free copy?
Besides contests, I do not give my work away for free. I believe that art in any form should be paid for, because creative sorts deserve that support. It's much harder for an artist to create work when they have to worry about nasty things like bills and starving.

But aren't you rich?
Nope. Mid-list author here! There's no possible way I could support myself, not to mention my family, on my current authorial income. This is the case for most authors. Only a very few are lucky enough to support a life solely on their words.

Will You Critique My Book?
Sorry, can't. It's not you—it's me. I honestly don't have the time to expand my critique circle. I used to, but alas. I do hold contests for crits occasionally (10-30 pages depending on the prize), so look out for those!

Can You Mention My Contest/Book/Blog/Website/Etc. on your blog?
I honestly feel a little ooky "advertising" on my blog. When I mention other blogs, books, contests, etc., it's because I personally am a fan/very excited about them. I want to make sure my readers always know that I'm giving the recommendation out of real sincerity, not just advertising stuff because people have asked.

So if you email me about advertising things, know that I won't reply unless I do choose to participate. And the likelihood of that is fairly low (though I wouldn't say zero).

Will you participate in online events, conferences, etc?
It's possible! If you want me to and I have time, I love interacting with other writers and readers. But like the above question, I will probably only reply if I'm interested and have time.

How do I contact you?
You can contact me through comments on my blog, on Twitter, and on Instagram.