If you want advice, I have advice. Here it is. As you can see, I like to pretend I know what I'm talking about. Keep in mind that this is one writer's process and opinion. None of this may work for you, and that is okay! It's more important to find the methods that you like.

The Actual Writing
What I Really Want to Say to New Writers
Pulling a Story Out of Nowhere
When The Honeymoon Ends
Pros and Cons of Character Sheets
Constant Cussing
Caring For Your Voice and The Follow-up On Voice
Being YOU
Stuff To Consider About Writing Sequels
Tips For First-Drafting
How To Use Description
Building A Place
Using A Place

Revision Tips
Why Grammar and Punctuation Matter
Extreme Makeover: Novel Edition
The Importance of Hating Your Book
Ways To Edit
Stages of Revision
Revision Reference
Self-Editing—An Example
Beating Revision Fatigue

Querying/Submission/Publishing in General
What Happens When it IS You (the not-so-fun side of trying to publish)
What I've Learned From Being On Submission
The Cart Before The Horse
At Least You Have...
Slow Down There, Sonny
The Query
How To Write A Synopsis
The Thing About Covers
Querying: In Hindsight
The Thing About "Boy" Books
Middle Grade vs. Young Adult
Why I Choose Not To Self-Publish
Ready For Publication? How Do You Know?
Confidence. A Constant Battle.
Yay! You signed with an agent! What now?
The Dangers Of Needing Everyone To Like You
Other People Will Have Your Ideas—That Is Okay
10 Things I Wish I Would Have Done Differently
Pros And Cons of The Option Book

Social Media: What Not To Do
Social Media: What To Do
How To Tweet/Blog Like A YA Author
Networking, Blogging, Etc.
7 Ways To Improve Your Blog's Readability
5 Easy Things You Can Do To Support Debut Authors
What You'll Really Get Out Of Blogging

My Decision To Self-Publish
The Business License

Why You Should Watch Avatar: The Last Airbender
Intro To Anime
Steampunk, According To Me
Plastic Is For Barbies
When You Don't Look "Right"
Be Talented At Working
Anxiety: Yes, I am a "crazy" person.