Thursday, November 1, 2007


Okay, so I was right. I just got a rejection from my favorite agent I queried and it's hurting quite a bit more. Even expecting to be rejected, it still hurts! I'm really trying not to get my hopes up. Getting a book published really is like winning the lottery these days. I still have 3 more to wait on right now, all most likely rejections, and then I will start sending out my mail ones once I get up my courage to get rejected more.


  1. Bummer :(. Good luck with all the rest!

  2. That can be discouraging but don't take it personally. It doesn't mean your story isn't good, it just means you haven't found the right match yet. Keep going! You'll find it. :)

  3. Hehe, Alisa you would make a great agent! That's what both their letters said, lol.

    I'm not super discouraged yet, it's just that when you get those back you start wondering, "What if there is no right match? What if every agent says the same thing?"

    Hopefully I'll toughen up over the next few. Of course, the pregnancy hormones don't help!