Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Well, You Asked...Or Didn't

Wow, thank you for asking questions, everyone! I fully expected to be writing my own today. And these are way better than what I was coming up with. This was fun, hope you enjoy the answers. I'm sure you tossed in your sleep in anticipation.Blogger

sraasch said...Serious question: What inspired "Relax, I'm a Ninja"?
Honestly, this one is kind of hard to pinpoint. I've always loved martial arts and such, so I started joking around on the blog that I was a ninja. Then, no joke, I saw these Flair buttons on Facebook that had that phrase "Relax, I'm A Ninja." I just thought that was so funny—I decided I had to do some book about a ninja kid. Toshiro's voice almost immediately popped into my head. He started telling me about how people think ninjas run around in black garb, but they're really a lot smarter than that. Kiersten told me to write the first paragraph for Nathan Brandsford's contest (okay, okay, I'll admit there was only a first paragraph when I entered!), and it kinda took off from there.

Not-serious question: If you could be a season, which season would you be and why?
I think I'd have to say Autumn. So many fun things happen in Autumn. And if I was the season, I'd like to watch kids run to their first day of school, see the parents rejoice, smile at all the Halloween costumes, smell the yummy apple pies, and laugh at the leaf pile jumping contests.

Kiersten said...Can you please make up some questions?
Um, sure. But just for you!
What deodorant do you use? Dove, gotta love soft armpits.
What do you eat for breakfast? Usually cereal, lately I've had no appetite and have been going for a glass of OJ and a multi-vitamin.
How well do you sing? As long as the song doesn't go too high, I'm a freaking rock star:P

Deletelotusgirl said...What is your favorite animal?
Pet-wise, I do love cats. I had two (Calvin & Hobbes) growing up and they were great. In theory, dogs are great, too, but I know I'd struggle with the extra "maintenance" they require. Just any old animal? I think horses are beautiful. My little sister rides, and I'm so jealous.

What is your ideal place to write?
Anywhere there aren't kids! What? Impossible? Oh yeah. Um...I usually sit on the couch with my laptop, which I enjoy, or in my bed when I need a change of scenery. If I'm being totally unrealistic, I'd say a house in New Zealand overlooking a forest. With a waterfall somewhere, cuz those are cool.

Never Settle said...Q #1:Would you be willing to play a game of chubby bunny with some of your cult members? Oh, wait. I'm sorry. Kiersten has the cult. You just have regular old followers. ;) So, would ya?
You know, I've never played this game! I'm not a fan of marshmallow or stuffing a lot of stuff in my mouth. Devastating, I know.

Q #2:How many miny tootsie rolls can you smush into your mouth at once?(I can fit 27.)
I have no clue. I am also not a fan of tootsie rolls. A brown, chewy log? Yeah, no thanks. But if I HAD to guess, I'd say like 24. That sounds reasonable.

Kasie West said...Are you more parts ninja or cyborg? Or are you relatively equal in both areas?
Hmm, excellent question. I would actually say I'm more cyborg. Hello? I just hit 55k in ninjas...didn't I JUST finish Sealed? Yeah, I'm wired to write, etc. The ninja training came after that (to defend my allies in the Query War). So technically, I would say I'm a cyborg with some ninja skills.

Renee Collins said...If your books were people, and you HAD to marry only one of them, which one would you marry?
Oh. My. Gosh. Why are you doing this to me, Ren? This hurts. Okay, here goes, I'm going to say that I would marry Void. Why? It really boils down to the message of this book. Coral Starfall is born to a wizarding family, but has no magic. Instead of moping or sitting back and letting people tell her she's damaged, she takes control of her life, goes out on her own, and stays true to what she loves (technology, which is banned in the wizarding communities). She meets a beautiful, flawed boy. And instead of thinking she can change him into prince charming, she realizes that everyone has flaws and she needs to decide which ones she can live with. I'd want to "marry" a book that sends that kind of message.

When thinking/daydreaming about your books, what do you think about? Do you envision future scenes? Work out current plot problems? Dream about your characters in wacky/outlandish situations that will never show up in the story?
Mostly my daydreams about books come in "dialogue form." I'll get key conversations and they'll build up in my head, pushing me to get to that point in the book so they just SHUT UP. Furture scenes will often come (as dialogue), but plot usually unfolds for me as I write, not daydream. They never show up in weird places that don't go in the story...don't know why, that sounds fun.

Whirlochre said...Who could you beat in a bo stick fight?
Man, who could I NOT beat? I'd say anyone but Chuck Norris Brown I could totally beat in a bo stick fight.

Kiersten said...Does your brain ever, ever turn off?
Unfortunately, no. Not even when I'm sleeping. I have wild dreams every night. I don't think I've had a second of blank thought in years and years. Just saying that makes me tired. I'd take a nap, but well, it wouldn't help.

Do you intend on writing every story worth writing and leaving the rest of us with nothing left to do?
Not intentionally, though it may happen anyway. You can petition my cybernetic programmer if you have any more complaints. They might consider redjusting my chip.

Do you have crushes on your love interests/male leads while you are writing them? (I love Renee's question about marrying one of your books, btw...)
Ha, I'm not sure. Maybe? I do love them, but in my head they belong to their girl, if that makes sense. Keira and Rune, Coral and Luke, Lily and Tuck, Adrie and Ren, Tosh and Amy...they just go together. I could never imagine interferring, though I do "fall in love" with them as I write. Maybe more in a creative way than a crush way.

If you could pick anyone to direct the movie of any ONE of your books, which book would you pick and who would you want to direct?
Um, I don't really know directors, so I don't have a great answer for this one. I think of all my books, I'd love to see Allure on screen. Just for the pure fact that I'd want to see my dragons as "tangible" entities (that would take millions in CG to get right, heh). And if anyone could do that right, I guess I'd say Peter Jackson, as long as he got WETA to help.

Lady Glamis said...Is that picture of you and your hubby (profile pic) at the Castle Theater?

Do you ever get jealous of others' writings? Especially in your own genre?
YES. I'm wildly jealous of Kiersten's WIP Paranormalcy. (Don't worry, I've already told her several times.) It's deliciously awesome, and I'm jealous I didn't come up with it because I can't daydream about it. I just have to sit here and wait for her to write and blow my mind away. As for published books, sometimes I'm jealous I didn't come up with an idea because I think I could have executed it better. But only a little jealous. I really do have a lot of ideas of my own...


  1. Well, if it makes you feel any better, I have a crush on Tosh.

  2. Kierst, it makes me so happy you're crushing on Tosh:) He is pretty awesome.

    Glam, no prob! This was fun.

  3. Ha! Good fun, Natalie. I loved these. :)

    I can see why you would marry Void. Good choice. (Which one would you marry, Kiersten?)

  4. If I could marry one of Natalie's books, I'd probably marry Tosh. Wait, he's not a book? Well, TOO BAD. I have a crush on him.

    And if I could marry one of my books, hrm...good question. Honestly, I don't really think any of them are marriage potential. Could I really raise children with Flash or Instinct? And Paranormalcy would be kind of scary...

  5. I have a secret crush on Amy. Er, I guess it's out now!

  6. You're too funny. You and Kiersten make quite a team. Maybe you should get jerseys.

  7. Ha, I could have guessed Kierst would say Tosh/ninjas. Renee, which would YOU marry? hehe.

    Hon, I'd be mad, but I don't blame you. Amy is waaaay cool. And hot. And a ninja. (Hmm, she sounds like me!)

    Lois, can we get t-shirts instead? In green? And can they say "So Awesome It Hurts!"?

  8. I like to think that if I wrote myself into my books my crushable male leads would leave who I wrote them with and choose me. Because, you know, I'd have that whole "creator" thing going, and who could resist that?

    NZ house overlooking forest = most perfect writing spot EVER.

  9. "What deodorant do you use? Dove, gotta love soft armpits."

    Oh my god, I know. Why bother with any other brand???

    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog today! LOVE your blog. Very, very funny!

  10. So I missed yesterday but could I still ask a question? How long do you spend writing every day and do you set a time and just write or what? I'm slightly in awe of your word count.

    Also just to introduce myself quickly, I found you after Nathan's competition. I'm Alexa also known as M&T on the blog :)

  11. Stephanie, thanks for stopping by! Dove is so the best, huh. Congrats again on wrangling Kate! Halla.

    Alexa! Hey there. Loved your entry in the contest—I voted for you!

    To answer your question, I write when I can find time. My core opportunities are when baby #2 is napping (at which point I put baby #1 in front of the TV [yes, I'm an awesome parent, why do you ask?]). I also write at night if I'm not too tired...and I'm usually not. Did I mention I'm a cyborg? (Okay, not really...well, maybe.)

    I would say on average I long in around 4 hours a day writing. Maybe more.

  12. Just to answer your question, if I had to marry one of your books, I'd marry Sealed because it had drama, but a happy ending. And it rocked.

    One of my own . . . toughie. I am madly in love with PAMR, but it's so dark. Maybe too dark to live with for eternity.

    So, I'd pick Midas. Perky, fun, totally crazy. Sounds like an amusing marriage to me. :)

  13. I guess t-shirts would do in a pinch, as long as they they say "So Awesome it Hurts" on them. That would make it ok. =)

    oh yeah, and the NZ with the waterfall--that would totally rock! I want to write there too. Maybe we could set up a commune and be like Monet and the impressionists. Except then there would be all those other writers around distracting us from writing.

  14. Obvious cyborg :)

    I didn't realize you had TWO children. I was wondering what I would do when my first arrives in June!

    oh and thanks for the vote :) I'm about 30,000 words in now and getting muddled by hopefully it will sort itself out.