Monday, June 8, 2009

More Proof of How Cool My Friends Are

That's right, folks, I have the coolest pack of friends around. Not sure how I got so lucky, but I am. Kasie "DJ Coolio Dealio" West has snagged herself an agent! So run on over and pat her on the back and squeal good tidings. I actually knew about this a while back, since I read an earlier version of Captivated, her now represented book. We've been slogging through revisions together, and I'm so happy that hers have ended in good fortune.

If you remember, I drew a pretty little fairy a while back. Yeah, that was Kasie's main character Elodie. She's awesome. Believe me, I know because I read the book, remember? Neener neener.

Congratulations, Kasie! Eat some pie for me or something. I'm gonna exercise, since I already downed half a pan of brownies this weekend. Oops. I guess I could just FEEL good news in the air. Yeah, that's my excuse.


  1. NAT, you're awesome!! Thanks! And yes, you are one of my cool friends that I was referring to who helped me whip this book into shape. Thanks so much!! And I've been thinking....I know you told me that I could have that sketch of Elodie when I see you in July, but could I also add her to my sidebar??? I would love it. And I love my nickname, btw. :)

  2. That's so great! Congrats Kasie! It's so wonderful when our friends succeed.

  3. Yay! I'll go congratulate right now!

  4. Yea! I am so excited for Kasie. I'm going over to her blog to tell her so.