Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sara Raasch Earns Her Badge of AWESOME

Okay guys, you might be officially tired of good news on my blog, but you're just going to have to bear with me for a little while longer. Because well, my friends are just that awesome. And everyone needs to know it.

I am so, so happy to announce that Sara Raasch (aka: Dread Pirate Sara) now has an AGENT. And not just any agent, but the incredible, hilarious, and unfeasible Kate Testerman of KT Literary!!!

*Please take this moment squeal.*

If you don't know who Kate is, you really should. The woman has been on FIRE this year. I mean, not only is she Maureen Johnson's agent, but she also sold both Stephanie Perkins' and Carrie Harris' books THIS YEAR. (Yeah, those would be my other totally awesome friends. I can hardly believe all the awesome, goodness.) Sara is in some goooooood hands.

Sara has been a close friend since we got to know each other after a certain contest I won. She started commenting on my blog, and I just thought she was adorable and funny. And she was writing about pirates! How fun is that? So I started reading her blog.

Then she asked for beta readers for her pirate fantasy novel, Stream Pirate. I don't usually volunteer for such things, since I already have a crit group. (Okay, I've only volunteered twice. So Sara, consider yourself super special because you are.) But I just had this feeling I should, so I did. I read her book and it was SUPER CUTE. And after a certain point, I could not stop reading. I loved the world and characters she created.

Through the beta process, we became fast friends. She took my crits like a PRO, even though she's but a wee lass at twenty-years-old (nineteen way back then). And then she took on the heavy task of being my first beta for the first person version of Void. Her comments and support were invaluable.

So cheers, my dear friend! You deserve this and it has been such a pleasure sharing the journey with you! I'm so happy for you it's not even funny.


  1. :D

    I'm tearing up! Thanks for all your support, Natalie; this so would not have happened without you in my corner! Love ya, darlin'!

  2. wait wait wait...

    you're ninja and she's pirate...

    this is never going to work.

  3. Oh, it works, Jamie. With our powers one ever sees it coming. Mwahaha.

  4. Congratulations, Sara!

  5. "Yo ho ho and a bottle of sake?"

    I nearly spit my Tropicana all over my laptop. Nice one, David, nice one!

  6. Congrats, Sara! Way to go! Kate does seem to be movin' and shakin' this year. Good luck getting a book deal too.

  7. I'm swashing my buckles for you, Sara.

    Not exactly sure what that means, but I'm doing it anyway.

  8. I love pirates! Can't wait for all these awesome books to come out. My future reading sounds so amazing and just keeps getting better. Big Congrats, Sarah!!!

  9. This is such an inspiring story! Being part of a writer community is so important, whether it's one on one or a larger group:)