Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Five Words and an Interview

I got all of half a character sheet done yesterday. I have a feeling my kids are going to make this revision rather hard on me. Ninja Girl is resisting nap time, so I'll have to seriously rethink my writing schedule when I lose those few precious hours.

But anyway, on to other things!

The lovely Amanda interviewed me. Go check it out, because I'm sure you really want to know about my Cup o' Noodle eating habits, among other things.

Also, it's time for FIVE WORDS. We last left Kitty with a cart full of ice cream and a mission to restore her boss's powers of sorcery. Can't leave her hanging, can we?

The Rules: Give me a word—any PG word—and I will incorporate it into a flash fiction piece, which will be posted at some point. Only one word per person, and I will take the first five words offered. The story must continue where it left off.


  1. Aw, dang Mary! I love sassafras:)

    Thanks for the words, guys. This should be...interesting.

  2. Dang it. When I opened your page only 4 comments. By the time I started to comment there were ... 8. Oh well, still a fun idea. I would have said: Katana, just for Ninja Girl (I know Katana is for Samurai, but still).

    Shameless self promotion:

    If you have time please stop by, read and comment on my guest post for today over at Justine Dell's blog:


    It's an interesting topic that will hopefully spark some discussion.


  3. I love your blog's new look! I don't love that I keep missing the first five. Those are some fun words for you though, Natalie!

  4. People must hover over your blog waiting for the moment when they can drop their word for you. Man!

  5. I love Cup o' Noodles!

    Also, this is a great exercise!

  6. I too love Cup o' Noodles! And Ramen, of course.

    And all other forms of pasta.

  7. I'm too late, but I'm more than curious how this works, since I'm new to your blog. :) Sounds fun.

  8. This is hilarious! I can't wait to see what you do with it! I'll have to keep a look out for the next time you do it to get into the first five words!

  9. again, late to the party. When will I learn?

    That was an incredible interview, Natalie. It's just how I've been feeling, too.

  10. You bring new meaning to the phrase, "I can't get a word in edgewise!" Lol!

  11. Cool. I can't wait for the next installment.