Thursday, January 27, 2011

Frog Eyes and Spiders

I started out writing contemporary fantasy. I've written A LOT of contemporary fantasy—dragons, elves, magic, angels, and more. Early last year, I admit I was so burned out on it that I thought I may never write one again. I could barely even read them. I was so afraid I'd lost the love forever.

Welp. I was wrong. As usual.

I'm writing! And it's contemporary fantasy! Yay! It's weird and a little gross and strangely funny. I have no clue where it's going, and that is rather exciting after all these edits and outlines I've been doing.

It's funny how trends work, how we get so excited about something only to be bored to tears with it the next year. But it just goes to show—I don't think genres ever really die. They just go in cycles, much like my writing interests do. That's why trend-chasing isn't necessary. It'll come back around eventually. Probably sooner than you think.

And so here I am writing about witches and old magic houses and dark somethings.


  1. You've started again? You're my hero!!

  2. Yay! good for you! I didn't know that was called contemporary fantasy. I just referred to it as "Good ol' fashioned fantasy" Good word ;)
    As a matter of fact, right now I'm procrastinating working on my fantasy MS, because it's sitting there and I want to stab it with a spork.

  3. Sounds great!

    Every time I stop writing a version of a novel, I think that I'm done with that genre forever.

    And then I go back for more a few months later.


  4. Sounds amazing! It's always nice to go back and find that spark of love for something you thought you lost.

    I had to take a brief break from writing I'm writing fantasy. And soon, a horror short story (something completely out of my realm).

    I guess it's just the nature of writing--and humanity in general.

  5. I think in many ways trends are for agents, editors and bookstores. A writer needs to hope that the story in their head will sell once it reaches their fingertips, but at the end of the day, the story in your head has to be told. If fantasy is your thing, then go for it!

  6. So exciting that the love wasn't lost forever! It's a great feeling to be pleasantly surprised by yourself :) Enjoy your dark somethings -- they sound like all kinds of fun!

  7. Good for you!

    It must be that time of year! I usually write historical, but today I dove into a contemporary fantasy piece. No telling where it will take me, but I'm enjoying the ride. I hope you are, too. :)

  8. I'm glad that both personal tastes and trends go in circles. I hit a point last year where I thought I'd never read another paranormal romance again. But I'm already reading new ones (mostly sequels) and not barfing, so I guess that's a good thing. :D

    Sounds like you are having fun!

  9. Yay for starting a new project! Keep up the good work!

  10. "But it just goes to show—I don't think genres ever really die. They just go in cycles, much like my writing interests do. That's why trend-chasing isn't necessary. It'll come back around eventually."

    This should really be emblazoned somewhere!

  11. after your "first paragraph" about the witch under the interstate bridge, i'd love to read any fantasy you write! :)

  12. Huzzzzahhh!!!!
    Happy writing! Starting a new project with no idea where it's going is SO liberating :)

  13. I love fantasy. Especially elves, dragons, and witches. Can't wait to read one of your books.

  14. I knew that first paragraph was leading to something! It sounded really exciting, congrats that the new project is coming off to a great start. It's even better you know you've found your niche.

  15. YAY! Sounds great!

    I am inspired, I miss my WIP, which I haven't seen in too long.....

    Thanks and Best Wishes!