Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Genre Busting Contest Winners!

Hi! I'm BUSY! It's weird, because I am very rarely busy, but these days it feels like I'm working, running somewhere, cleaning, parenting all day everyday to the point that I can barely breathe.

And I haven't written for a week and a half. That feels like forever.

But! Contest winners! I have them for you. We have five of them, and each winner is entitled to ONE book of their choosing. Winners may choose any of the following: WHITE CAT, INCARCERON, IF I STAY, MY FAIR GODMOTHER, BLEEDING VIOLET, or any sequels to the preceding.

The five are:
1. linda
2. Chen Yan Chang
3. jpetroroy
4. Gina
5. Taryn

Yay, winners! Please email me ( your choice of book and the address you'd like me to send it to.

And thanks again, everyone, for all your comments and kind words about my book deal! It's truly appreciated, so very appreciated. Thank you times infinity.


  1. I'm e-mailing you now hoping there were no other Gina's that commented that day... because if some other Gina won, I'm going to feel pretty silly :)

    Congrats again, either way!

  2. Oh I didn't think of that! It was the Gina who said The Prestige as a genre buster...

  3. Nope, not me! I already e-mailed you, so you can delete it :)

  4. Gah! I'm so sorry! I really should have checked to see if there were double names. Der. I feel so bad.

  5. Omg! Did I win? Wow, I've never won a blog giveaway contest before. This is so exciting! AND I GET TO EMAIL NATALIE! :D *happy dance*