Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Life In Google Searches

It's about time for another round of My Life In Google Searches. I like this new feature of mine. It's easy.

• How to cook an artichoke
• Jaundice
• Rash all over baby
• How many extra calories while breastfeeding?
• Goldfish has swim bladder
• Alzheimer's
• Natural mood boosters
• Newborn baby pee
• Newborn bloody spit up
• What not to eat while nursing
• Rose care for beginners
• When is Mother's Day?
• Red Snapper recipe
• Karate class prices
• Rhubarb recipes
• LDStorymakers Conference

Clearly, there is a strong baby trend here...


  1. yikes to the 'bloody spit up' -- hope everything is OK. I'm spending a lot of time right now looking up carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve compression. I don't like it....

    1. JeffO, is this about carpal tunnel from too much typing on a keyboard?

      I've found mechanical keyboards such as unicomp (pckeyboard dot com) and Das Keyboard etc (there are some obscure brands out there) actually pre-empt the carpal tunnel because of the non-mushiness (much better than ergo. But let me know when Das makes an ergo keyboard). It's cheaper than surgery, too. But maybe that's not the reason for your search.

  2. So fascinating! When I check my stats, it's 99% "Big Bang Memes" searches!

  3. Hehe! I can answer all of those baby questions for you, having google searched them myself in the past few months. :)

    I am trying out a Roasted Rhubarb Salad recipe this week, and I happen to make a fabulous rhubarb pie. Except...when I sent the husband to the store with my grocery list, he had no idea what rhubarb was or where to find it.

    Hope everything's okay with the baby and you!

  4. "Newborn baby pee"? Is this something I should be worried about? Actually, no, don't answer that!

  5. Most of my searches are still baby related and it's almost been a full year.

  6. Hello,

    Your blog has been inspirational to me over the past year and I would like to thank you for that.

    I have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award on my little blog:

    No need to reciprocate, just wanted to send some blog love your way.

    Also, congratulations on your newborn! May you get plenty of sleep whenever/wherever you can!

    Have a lovely day!
    mermaid and sushi lover

  7. What a fun idea. I'm impressed you're blogging so well in new babyland. And I hope it was lots of calories while breast feeding, because that's what I'm eating:)
    Hope rash and baby and doing better!

  8. When is Mother's Day? Really, Natalie? . . . O_o . . . Well, I guess I have no room to judge; I didn't know when it was, either! =D

  9. I spent days researching swim bladder for a Koi scene in a novel once. Sadly, it had to be cut in the long run. Sigh.