Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Reaper Love List

Ever since Stephanie Perkins shared her "Love List" idea with the Happy Writers Society, I have written one for every novel when I start to get that niggling doubt and think, "Is this book any good?" My love lists have helped me see that I do like what I'm writing, even if it's not perfect in the drafting phase. It helps me learn what I might want to highlight in the book. It reminds me that writing should be fun, even if it's also work.

So, today I need to write out a love this for Reaper, my current work in progress. It's been slow going, but I have promised myself that I will finish it. These are the things I love about it so far:

• Writing a dead girl
• Creating my own version of the "underworld"
• Personifying Death
• Allowing myself to make this world just plain weird
• A friendship on shaky ground
• Enemies turned allies...maybe
• Barbie-sized zombies and other creepy monsters
• Regrets, what ifs, missed opportunities
• Second chances
• Dreadmares, scythes, and black cloaks
• Really good pizza


  1. You had me at Barbie-sized zombies.

  2. Seriously, Barbie-sized zombies? SOLD. And can I have one? I promise to keep it away from children.

  3. This sounds like a really good idea. Have you sold it to a publisher like your other book, too?
    I am definitely keeping an eye on this one :)
    I hope your list helped you :D

  4. I love the love-list idea. It's good to remember that there's a lot to love about the words you are throwing on the page!

  5. I love this. Just to clarify these are Barbie-sized zombies not zombie Barbies. Either way it's hilarious.

  6. What a great idea! Makes me want to get back to work - definitely off to write my list!

  7. I'm thrilled you're writing a Horror novel! If YA Horror became popular, I'd be such a happy camper. Best wishes on your WIP -- keep going and keep us updated. :-)

  8. I love the Love List! I need to do this for my WIP so I can finish the darn thing!

  9. Barbie sized zombies? That's too fun!!! Good luck! (and great idea about the love list!)

  10. Personifying death?

    I suggest death in the form of a little dog....