Thursday, August 16, 2012

Post-Draft Summary: Soulthief

I just showered for the first time since...Monday. Yup, this is what happens when you decide to finish a draft in a week. People always ask how I write with kids, and that is my answer: live in squalor. My house is post-apocalyptal, I'm disgusting, my kids have been living on Pop Tarts and Netflix. Mom of the year right here!

But I finished writing a book! It's been like 15 months since I last did that—far too long. I am smiling like a fool, even if the book is a wild mess of a draft. It's written, which means it can only get better from this point on.

So, as is kind of my tradition, I present you with post-draft stats!

Working Title: Soulthief

Horrible Summary: After being murdered at sixteen, Sonnie Martinez reaps souls for Death, which is a dangerous job when Paladins lead a crusade to "purify" any spirit they find. But dangerous becomes downright deadly when a mysterious new threat descends upon the living realm. Sonnie must use her budding powers to form a shaky alliance between the Reapers and Paladins, but even that might not save her from a destiny Fate himself can't change. Or something.

# of Chapters: 37

# of Pages: 238

# of Words: 62, 805 (Yay short! Room to grow!)

Started: October 2011

Finished: August 2012 (About 4-5 months of work, several other months of being afraid of it)

Most prominent food item: Pizza

Favorite Character: Cedric, mmm, Cedric

Favorite Scene: Like I'd ruin it for you, but it's TWISTY.

And that's about it! On to the next project in my 6-week work marathon! Once it shows up in the mail, at least.


  1. Actually, this sounds like your very best premise yet!

  2. Cedric!!! Hurray! :) So excited the read this one, Natalie.

  3. Awesome! Congratulations, sounds like a fantastic story.

  4. CONGRATS! Your my hero, seriously! The book sounds awesome, totally up my alley! I really hope we get a chance to read it someday! Your post-draft stats idea is really cool too, I'll have to do the same after I finish writing the first draft of my own WIP! :)

    Now, go celebrate, you deserve it! :)

  5. Sounds pretty cool to me. Congratulations on finishing. Get that shower before the mail comes!

  6. Yay, congratulations! Love the post-draft summary and the premise! I also love how much I relate to the messy house/messy mama effect. I have two little ones, and that's often the only wiggle room available when it comes to finding writing time :)

  7. Congratulations! So happy to know that you also skip showers (and our proud of it) when writing! Amazed that you can write so quickly with a newborn to young to eat Pop Tarts!

  8. Nicely done! I just hit the 20,000 mark in my new manuscript. I I am continually impressed by your dedication. I hope this one gets a deal as well. (:

  9. Congratulations on reaching the end of the draft!

  10. Nice! I know what you mean about shortness! I love it when I get to the end of a rough draft that is under 60k. Then, I can focus on building and enhancing instead of hacking.