Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Upcoming Giveaways!

Look at all the goodies! Do you want them? *dangles carrot*

Fun things are happening this week and next! First I'll be at LTUE—if you come be sure to catch my panel on Friday at noon (on pov in YA). And also at LTUE, I'll be giving away two TRANSPARENT prize packs at my reading, which is at 2 o'clock on Friday. Look how pretty all that stuff is! You know you want a chance to get one.

All wrapped up and ready for their new homes.

Then next week I get to go to San Diego for the Kasie West/Kiersten White signing—I'll be brining two prize packs to that event as well! They are very nice to let me crash their party a little, but I'm just SO excited for the world to have PIVOT POINT and MIND GAMES. They are two of my favorite books.

Hope to see a lot of you this week and next! Please say hi to me if you catch my blindingly red hair first. I promise I don't bite.


  1. No fair! I live about as far away as possible from San Diego within the continental US. Whyyyy?
    Have lots of fun and good luck!

  2. OMG do you play Go?! I love to play, but alas I haven't found anyone to play with in my area. T-T

    Wish I was attending both of those programs! I'm DYING to read Transparent. Have fun! :)

  3. Hooray for giveaways! The prize packs look awesome. Someday when I'm not growing babies, I'll fly back to Utah for LTUE. Someday....

  4. Hey Natalie! I'm hosting a short story writing contest on my blog. I thought you might want to enter since you're a writer. =) ~Aidyl

  5. I really want one, and I don't live near there. Sucks!
    Oh well...

  6. Are you all coming up to LA at all? I know you're in San Diego tonight, but I would happily swing by and bring friends if you came anywhere in Los Angeles County. :-) I would have gone to San Diego if you were there on a weekend, but that's roughly a 4 hour drive in rush hour...