Tuesday, March 4, 2014

NIL by Lynne Matson! Out Today!

Charley from NIL by Lynne Matson
A long time ago (maybe two years now?), I offered a crit and drawing for auction during the Alabama disaster. A lovely woman named Lynne Matson bought that package, and I got to read NIL. A mysterious island. A team of teens trying to survive. A year to get off or you drop dead for no reason.

I knew this book had potential, and Lynne took my crits and ran with them. She ran so well that she got herself an agent and sold NIL! Now that book is out today! And I couldn't be happier for this wonderful person and her wonderful book.

But here's the sad thing—I never made good on my part to draw her something from her book. She had even requested I draw Charley, and I was horrible and never got around to it. Being the nice person she is, Lynne let me off the hook and said it was fine. Except I've always felt guilty about it, because really it's the least I could do and she paid for it!

So I'm making good on the deal now. Lynne, happy book birthday to NIL! And here is your long-time-coming-very-first-fan-art of Charley from me! Hope you have an amazing day and do nice things for yourself and celebrate the big accomplishment it is to debut. May NIL find all the readers who will love it:)


  1. Love it! Especially her eyes and that blue, blue water... Oh, for a beach! Congrats to Lynne!

  2. LOVE!!!!!!!! Natalie, you just made me teary. THIS IS SO CHARLEY!!!!!!!! So worth the wait. I'm incredibly glad I won the crit from you. Fate and karma and all things wonderful were in my favor that day!:) Thank you my sweet and incredibly talented friend!!!!!!

  3. Oh, you made me laugh. I've done things like that too! Congrats to Lynn for both the book and the fabulous artwork.