Friday, February 27, 2009

C'mon, I Know You Feel The Pressure Too

I stare at my empty Blogger box, panic welling up as I wrack my brain for a post. And not just any post (because who wants to read about my current obsession with chocolate chips and cherry frosting?), we're talking a funny post. The pressure is suffocating. Must. Be. HILARIOUS.

Because blog posts are supposed to be funny right? If you can manage to make people LOL or ROFL or (the much coveted) ROFTLMAO, then you've hit blog nirvana. People show up for funny. Heck, they might even STALK you if you're funny.

Problem? I'm not so funny, and I wish I was. Now, now—don't comment a thousand times to tell me I'm really funny. I'm just kinda funny and I know it. I'm no Kiersten...and I in no way reach the hilarity level of Stephanie. Just kinda.

So what's a girl to blog about when she's only kinda funny? Well, there's the whole inspirational/advice route, but the problem is I'm only kinda inspirational and my advice is only kinda useful. I'm no Michelle with her brilliant introspective posts that inspire her readers to post similarly. And I don't read enough books to write fun reviews like Lois.

Now I'm staring at my Blogger box full of, well, crap post once again, wondering if I've failed to be funny, inspirational, advisorial, or even coherent. Okay, not wondering. Knowing. And yet it's Friday, so I have little energy to be "awesome." Promise I'll make up for it with a killer sketch tomorrow.


  1. Natalie, you are deserving of every laughter acronym out there.

    Besides. I like you.

  2. (Also, I hear you on the pressure thing. Some days I think, what on earth can I possibly say that would be funny? And then I'm not.)

  3. get an imaginary boyfriend, we're always good for a bit of funny.

  4. Kiersten, you're ALWAYS funny. It's like in your blood. You were even funny when you almost died.

    Wee one, I DO have an imaginary boyfriend. His name is James Keane.

  5. I'm all you need, right?

    It's been too long, beautiful. We should do something this weekend. LA? Call me. I've got to attend to.

  6. I'm here because you're so...Natalie.

    And as it happens, I had three duff blog posts on the go this morning and rejected all of them. A great day for drivel, and not worth posting. So — you win.

  7. James, LA sounds lovely. I need some sun. I'll be in touch.

    Whirl, you dear. Thanks for making my day. I am nothing if I'm not myself, that's for sure.

  8. Crikey let me relieve the pressure!

    Jane's blog posts since before Christmas
    "Oh I'm in pain, Oh I'm sick, Oh I miss my Hubby, Oh I'm so tired..."

    Believe me Natalie you are the tickle in a funny bone!!

    Don't compare yourself with others - just keep being the best Natalie - because we love her!

  9. I love you just the way you are, Natalie!! And a blog post about figuring out what to write on your blog is better than no blog post at all (which has been the case for my poor unattended blog for a few months now). :(

    Do you ever feel that what you write is TOO personal to share?

  10. Janey, and yet your poor invalidness was compelling. I treasured every post we got from you during the crisis.

    NS, thanks. I feel compelled to post everyday for some weird reason. There are things that are "too personal" to me. Examples? My religion, details on my adorable family, my "darker/depressing" emotions. I try to keep it light and nice here:) (With just a touch of sarcasm...or a lot...)

  11. Wow! I feel so honored to be included with the likes of Kiersten and Michelle and Stephanie.

    I think your blogs are great. I really enjoy hearing what you have to say. I don't know how you come up with something everyday. I'd never get any writing done or any life lived or any books read (and I gotta do those things). I only blog 3 days a week.

    In my book you have an endless source of creativity and stamina. I always sit back amazed at what you get accomplished every day.

  12. The fact that James Keane commented on your blog is deserving of some kind of positive adjective, humorous or whatever other one you want.

  13. This is why I blog only once or twice a week (um, per blog). The pressure of blogging everyday is more than I want.

    It's okay, Natalie. I'm not here for funny. I'm here because I want to know when the ninja book comes out.

  14. heh! i don't think you want to pigeonhole your blog "personality". i'm of the mind that we are all fascinating facets and our blog can reflect that. i don't come to your blog for comic relief--of course a laugh once in a while is nice, but commiseration on the writing process or mommyhood or anything--that's perfect too.

  15. Um, I love you just the way you are! You're one of my very first stops every morning.

  16. Well, it looks like I better just keep be my slightly obnoxious self:) Thanks guys.

  17. I hear you on the pressure. I know I'm not particularly funny most of the time so I don't try because trying to be funny is the absolute guarantee of dull posts.

    Instead I write about what interests me.

    But I don't get as many visitors as you guys do! Because consistent humor does draw the visitors.

  18. I have a list two miles long of blog posts ideas if you want some... I'm never getting around to them all! How do you run out of things???

    I run out of things on my family blog, though. Not much exciting to post there. Goes to show you what occupies my simple mind. LOL!

    You called my posts brilliantly introspective. Wow. I never thought they were that. I think some of yours are brilliant! Like this one. A post about not writing a post. Love it!

  19. i love slightly obnxious! hee! i'm here for the saturday drawing--no pressure or anything. ha! working on PB and posted something on my blog myself today! weeeee!

  20. It's coming really soon Cindy! Just writing the post:)

  21. Wow! Thank you for such a sweet compliment. That's very, very kind of you to say so.


    (A) You are awesome.
    (B) You have an orange belt.

    So of course we will keep coming back! And feel free to talk about the chocolate chips and cherry frosting any time, because hello -- YUM!

  22. You are cute and funny! Kiersten is absurdly funny, but you... you're down to earth funny. And I love both types of funny. OBVIOUSLY. Or I wouldn't spend days on end reading all y'all's archives.

    But I feel this post so deeply. I read Dooce's blog, and Kiersten's, and yours, and I'm like, Man, I'm never going to be this entertaining. I'm just not naturally funny (contrary to what my coworkers think when I go upstairs to chat with them 'cause I'm bored--random is not equivalent to funny).

    Still, I'm me, and I have friends, so I must be likable in SOME way. I just try to be me (as you suggested in earlier posts) and hope that someday that will attract the attention of agents, editors, and readers. :)

    (With the help of some awesome manuscripts, of course!)