Thursday, February 26, 2009

You Know You've Been Querying Too Long...

When you get a rejection and instead of feeling sad about it, you're just annoyed you have to send yet another query.

When you don't have to "research" anymore because you know more than 50 agents by name (and have 50 more on your list).

When you think you've found an agent you've never queried before, but as you type in their email it suggests that agent's address.

When you pick agents that actually say they "don't reply unless interested" because you're tired of the monotonous form reject.

When a partial is just a nice perk, but you know it can just as easily be rejected as a query.

When a full is barely more exciting than a partial (but seriously, fulls always give you warm fuzzies).

When having sent 25 queries on one project doesn't seem like very many at all.

When you can joke about querying and sincerely laugh at the impossibility of the process.

When waiting 3 months stops sounding like FOREVER.

When you can write a blog post about querying and not even care if people think you're complaining. Because it's not complaining—it's just pointing out the obvious fact that the process makes you certifiably insane.


  1. Speaking as a woman who talks to herself out loud when in public, I have to say being certifiably insane suits you.

    Welcome to the club.

    I wonder what level of crazy will find me when/if I go down that querying road?

  2. I wish I had some sage advice ... but haven't yet experienced the kinds of frustrations you're having. Actually, I'm not sure if I ever will.

    In my perfect world, I would be a writer and published author making a living at it. But, realistically, it's a hobby for me. I can't afford financially to become a serious writer because, I know, to do it right, it's a full-time job. I can't physically work 40 hours a week and throw another 20 or 30 hours a week into writing a novel. It wouldn't be fair to the folks that give me a paycheck every two weeks or, more importantly, to my family.

    The point is, and I truly don't mean to be harsh because I think you are pretty darn cool, reality is reality. You know going in that getting one of your novels published commercially is a longshot, a really big longshot.

    Every time you send out a query you are, in essence, purchasing a lottery ticket. You must be willing to accept that and accept that the odds are greatly against you.

    Write because you love to write and if anything becomes of it, hey, that's gravy.

  3. Janey, being crazy is a BLAST! You can get away with so much. I just use that blanket statement "Don't worry, I'm just crazy is all."

    Scott, I'm fully aware of the "crap shoot" nature of querying. And I'm totally okay with it. No advice needed—I got my "A" game going. Just need that perfect pitch, the right swing, and a clumsy left-fielder. I can wait. Heck, I've gotten really, really good at waiting.

  4. I hope it works out for you, Natalie. You have great passion and time on your side. I'll be one of the first to run out to Borders or B & N to get your book(s)!!!

  5. What happens if you're certifiably crazy before you start?

    I hope you get there, Natalie. From what I've read of your writing, you deserve to.

  6. Okay, so if I answered yes to 8 out of 10 of those, does that mean I've been querying too long? LOL I'm with you, Nat. Grrrrrrrrr. LOL


    Oh, man, I've experienced all of those! The one which cracked me up was the agent's address automatically filling in for you. *wipes tears from eyes.*

  8. As I was reading through your list, I kept thinking, "Yep, I'm there. Yep, I'm there. Yep, I'm there." Wow. I'm glad I don't feel so alone anymore.

  9. Those of us who haven't queried yet are lucky to have your perspective and expertise to help us when we get started. Knowing up front how rigorous and draining the process can be will be a big help to me. I know that probably doesn't help you much, but just the same, thanks for sharing your experience.

    Oh, and great post yesterday! I couldn't agree more!

  10. "it's just pointing out the obvious fact that the process makes you certifiably insane." LOL! It's good to keep yourself from stressing over this as much as possible.

    I look forward to the day you're published so I can read some of your work.

  11. Fairy, you just get crazier. You'd think that was impossible, but it isn't.

    Kasie, yes, that's a very high score.

    Tara, glad I could make you laugh:)

    Sara, of course you're not alone...are writers ever alone? I have enough people in my head to form my own football team, heh.

    Candice, good luck when you jump in. It's, um, an experience. One that spans the emotional gamut.

    WW, I sure try not to stress, but I still have my days. And I look forward to that whole publishing day too. Man, that'd be nice.

  12. After a while you can truly become numb, eh? I can't believe everybody isn't jumping on your work. They should be fighting over you not rejecting.