Monday, September 14, 2009

Yes, Carrie Harris ROCKS!

I keep saying I have some seriously awesome friends—and I'm sure you believe me—but I just have to make sure you really know how cool they are.

Carrie Harris is getting PUBLISHED!!!! Join the zombie conga line! (But don't dance too fast or you'll knock them all over, then it'd be zombie dominoes, hehe.)

The brilliant Wendy Loggia over at Delacorte has added No Pain, No Brain to her repertoire of awesomeness (*cough* Libba Bray, anyone?).

I've known Carrie for, oh, nine or so months now? And she is the most wonderful, zany person out there. I mean, I knew we were destined to be friends when I saw she was the leader of The Semi-Secret Order of the Blog Ninja. I had to have that award, so I sent her one of my all time favorite ninja videos. The rest is history.

Seriously, Carrie is my example of perseverance. You would never know how long her journey has been because she takes everything with a refreshing dose of humor. Her blog makes me laugh everyday, and those are laughs I've needed. So thank you, Carrie, for your friendship, example, and comedic genius. You deserve this SO. MUCH. You better be dancing still.


  1. Zombie dominoes. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Thank you. You are totally awesome. And I'm going to watch that video again because it's just that cool.

    Cannot wait to do the ninja conga line with you when it's your turn!

  2. That is so AWESOME!! Congrats, Carrie!

  3. Joins the conga line.

    Way to go, Carrie!

    Fresh meat for the TBR pile. Bwhahahaha!

  4. Congrats to Carrie! I LOVED her post. It had me in stitches. Hehe!

  5. That is so wonderful! Congrats Carrie! *runs over to check out her blog*

  6. I'm sure the book is hilarious as is her blog. Congratulations Carrie! That's so exciting.

  7. Carrie really deserves this!



  8. Aw. *sniff sniff* You all are so nice.

    Yes, Nick. LOTS AND LOTS of brains.

  9. Okay, I'm seriously starting to think that good news is contagious. I'm losing track of all the awesomeness!

    Congrats, Carrie!!

  10. Congrats to Carrie!