Thursday, June 10, 2010

Scatter Brain

(Side Note: For those wondering what sparked my Nerd Bullying post yesterday—nothing in particular, just a slow build up and small things that bugged me. I also happen to be writing a very smart character who doesn't realize how insulting he can be at times.)

I'm starting to wonder if I've covered every possible, interesting topic on writing, because I can never think of stuff to say on the blog these days. Either that, or I have so much to do my brain refuses to use its limited creativity on anything other than my work.

I've been working a lot.

I wish I could talk more about what I'm working on, but the stuff that's not totally boring is classified. Go figure. I guess all I can say is that I'm happy to be working right now! That's a nice thing to say, because it's been a tough couple months.

Also, I'll be cryptic and say I'm shocked to find I'm actually missing Fiona a little! I never thought that would happen. It's a nice reminder that I actually like that book somewhere deep down.

Writing is such a weird thing, I guess. There are big gaps between "exciting things," but in reality those gaps are where all the important stuff goes on. The ideas. The actual writing. The editing. You know, the stuff that makes the "exciting things" happen.

So forgive me for being dull. If you'd like, feel free to suggest blog topics. I will gladly blather on about whatever you'd like.


  1. I've been feeling the same way about my blog - running on empty. I love when you do the critiquing posts. I find them extremely helpful. :)

  2. I go through those times with my blog, too. Just wanted to say I love your blog - and love the Secret Order of the Blog Ninja badge. ;)

  3. These times are when I opt to pull an idea from my current research and blather on in a (hopefully) coherent fashion for a few paragraphs. I've found it helps when I am writing later on, and exposes a new topic to other people.

  4. I have days like that too! Glad to know that I'm not the only one having blogging dry spells.

  5. Weird isn't it? One minute you HATE your work and everything about it, then inspiration strikes and it's the BEST THING EVER!

    You want to tell someone, but it would totally ruin the surprise.

    (And on your side note, I can tell you that some of us wired just a little bit differently than the mainstream. We say or do things, that are in no way meant to be belittling or insulting and make perfect sense to us, but to anyone outside our brain sound callous or even intentionally rude. And yes, even in hindsight, sometimes the reason it came off wrong still doesn't make sense - even when it's been explained. Happens to me a lot and usually leaves me scratching my head as to what I said or did that landed off target.)

    And I'm not posting my ver. word, but I have to say it's kind of offensive in a 12 year old boy's humor kind of way. Weird.

  6. Umm. I don't know what you should blog about. All I know is even this post which is apparently lacking all creativity and you cant think of what to write is captivating. I read every word and I'm glad I did. I don't think it really matters what you blog about your a talented writer and all of it comes off as interesting.

  7. When I have nothing to blog about, I turn to what interests me and what excites me...the blog doesn't always have to be something of significance or a lesson to be learned. It can just be an insight into you! Write about your favorite movie and why you can watch it over and over. Or tell us about something from your childhood that has stuck with you. I love reading about people's guilty pleasures and the things they love that they think no one else on earth possibly can love too!

  8. You've definitely been working a lot and how awesome is it that work is writing?

    I love following Kiersten White's blog because not only does she blog about the biz, but also about her life and it's so refreshing to hear how a writer lives her day to day life.

    How was your day, Natalie? :)

  9. Yay for classified work!! :D I totally agree about the big gaps between "exciting things"--that is definitely the time that you have to really buckle down and get the true work done. Hope it goes well for you.

    You could blog about Frog Princes. That would be unique. ;-)

  10. I have the problem of “what should I blog about?” sometimes too. Which, if you think about it, is a little strange since we’re all writers. I think writers as a whole are passionate, opinionated people, or else they wouldn’t be writing a book. The trick I find is to remind myself of the topics I want to talk about with other people.

    Some blogs have “writer blog prompts” that can occasionally help me, so I will post a link here:

    Also, you could talk about yourself as a writer, since you can’t write about your classified stuff. Which brings me to the question: why can’t you talk about some of your books? Is it a legal thingy once you have an agent? I am not trying to pry, just curious.

    I also have some questions about your writing life that you could choose to answer at length. Just saying. ;) I am always curious to learn about other writers, and like another poster said, you could blog about milk and it would sound interesting.

    Some questions:
    What started your passion for writing?
    Why you chose the genre you did (YA)?
    Do you listen to music as you write?
    What are you personal feelings on the ebook scuffle?
    How do you choose what book to write/work on next? (I would love to know how. I have lots of ideas, and most of the time they are all equally interesting. I wonder how other writers choose.)
    What are some of the best books you have ever read?
    What are you reading right now?
    Do you read a lot of books about writing, or not?
    Do you read wildly, mostly in your genre, or a bit of both?

    Another trick is while you’re reading other blogs, and the blogger asks a question, you could crib the question and answer it yourself. Like, you might recognize the genre question from your agent’s blog from a few days ago.

    Hopefully I have sparked some ideas for you. Good luck with the Top Secret Project. I am going to make a guess as to what it is…something with words? ;)

  11. I focus on anything and everything on my blog. I try to incorporate writing into it, but often it's art, nature, and even made up stuff (The Great Pyramids of Iowa)...I'm thinking about doing a post on this great toilet cleaning product.

    It will come to you and we'll all enjoy it. :)

  12. I like you no matter what you talk about. :)

  13. "There are big gaps between 'exciting things,' but in reality those gaps are where all the important stuff goes on. The ideas. The actual writing. The editing. You know, the stuff that makes the 'exciting things' happen."

    Thank you for this reminder.

  14. Yup, I hear ya. I totally blogged about this too:

    "Internal juggle"

    If it helps spark some ideas for you, since then I've been blogging about how I'm doing/feeling with my work (as opposed to the work itself), or posting short personal vignettes, or (as you saw with the iPad post) putting up pictures that I think/hope are entertaining.