Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Paranormalcy In The Wild: Contest Winner!

So it's time to announce the winner for a FULL MS CRIT from me! But first, I just have to show you some of the amazing things Evie got to do and see these past couple weeks since being out there. You guys are so creative! And I'm sure all these pictures will make Kiersten smile. (Also, sorry if I don't post your picture—there were a lot!)

Evie liked to start her day at Starbucks:

And after a nice refreshing beverage, it was off to visit new and exotic places:

Like (Which one IS this? The entry didn't specify, but it's pretty!)

And Chinatown. (I'll admit I don't know which city's Chinatown, but LUCKY.)

And let's not forget AMSTERDAM. (Holy crow, I'm jealous of a book.)

But it wasn't all fun and games for Evie. Some people took her to work:
She sure spruces up the office space, though, doesn't she?

They even MADE her work for them!

Evie also got dragged to school, but I have a feeling she liked that very much:

She looks like she's about to squeal, doesn't she?

She even got to make a pink, glittery noodle craft project in elementary school.

After all that work, Evie was lucky to have the comfort of several adorable animals:

The cuteness is so relaxing.

Look! Evie was lulled to sleep by the adorableness!

After such a refreshing nap, Evie was ready to get her party on. She spent the rest of her time doing a myriad of activities:
She always wanted to know how to make raisins.

She tried her hand at tank driving. Fun, but not *quite* for her.

She went wine tasting, and surprisingly no one questioned her age.

Then she danced the night away at a Boyz II Men concert! I had NO idea she was such a fan. (Maybe it was the wine.)

It's been a tiring but fun two weeks for Evie out in the real world! She can't quite believe how much people like her, but she's SO happy about it.

And now it's time to announce the winner of the contest! I know most of you probably just scrolled down this far to see, but that's okay.

Emily Barrus wins the full crit! Congrats, Emily! Also, Evie thanks you for taking her to target practice:
It was very considerate of you to help her gain new skills for her rather dangerous job.

Emily, email me and we'll work things out. Thank you to everyone who entered the contest! It was a blast seeing all your pictures!


  1. Congrats, Emily! You're a lucky woman! :)

    Natalie, thank you for such a fun contest! (Oh, and we sure did have fun makin' raisins!)

  2. These are some awesome photos! Congrats, Emily!

  3. Great pics, everyone, but Emily's takes the cartridge, lol! Does she win a pink tazer? ;)

    Congrats, Emily!

  4. That would be Chinatown in Los Angeles.

  5. Congratulations Emily!
    (PS, Awesome photo!! I've always wanted to go to a shooting range!) ;)

  6. Haha, too cute! And it was neat to see Para on Kindle, too.

  7. Such a cool contest idea! I loved the pictures. :)

  8. What a lot of fun pictures! Yeah, I'm jealous of Evie, too. :)

    And congrats Emily!

  9. OMG Sonoma State! That's my alma mater! Who goes to my alma mater?! LOL.

    Awesome pictures. Paranormalcy is LUCKY.

  10. aww i'm sad i didn't win. But i have to say that Emily's picture is totally epic!

  11. Those photos are epic. The tank!? And taking Evie to target practice? Now that's just sweet.

  12. What kind of tank is that? Or is a Humvee or something?

  13. What a fun post! (Except for the fact that I didn't win, lol.) Those are great pictures and I love the comments you added, Natalie!

    :) Kayla

  14. What a fun post! (Except for the fact that I didn't win, lol.) Those are great pictures and I love the comments you added, Natalie!

    :) Kayla

  15. So many great pictures, but that winner is definitely a winner! I love the protective ear muffs over Evie's book. So thoughtful!

  16. I am SO jealous of Evie's life. Even more so now. Le sigh.

  17. Congrats to Emily!!! All of these photos were hilarious!!!

    Great job to everyone!

  18. I had no idea Boyz II Men still existed!

  19. Huzzah! I'm so excited. Thanks for the contest.


  20. Grats Emily!

    Para really had a grand day out. Some of these pics were epic.

  21. Congrats, Emily. Your pix rocked.
    Loved this contest.

  22. Such cute pictures!! I love the headphones on Evie, and Kindle Evie driving the tank was fabulous!

  23. The Kindle on the tank? SO COOL.

  24. Picture #2 is NYC.

    Thanks for the fun contest and for posting some of the great pictures!

    Congratulations to Emily!

  25. LMAO! That was too funny! I have to say Evie didn't like working. Boss didn't like her much either. Apparently, she wasn't much for working and was a little more for the goofing off. ROFL!