Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fluff, Toilets, and Lame Commercials! Oh my!

Hmm, maybe NaNoReaMo will teach me how to write short posts, because I'm already feeling the crunch here. I know, day two and I'm freaking out. I'm really fine, mostly. I just have to read like 150 pages today to stay on track...

A few random thoughts today, in no particular order.

• So remember how I was rewriting the ending of Transparent for the bajillionth time? Yeah...I hate it. It's way, way too much. This is a problem that comes with rewriting a whole book from page one. You automatically think rewrite instead of minor revisions. And sometimes stuff doesn't need to be rewritten. Tweaking never feels like enough now, even when it is. But anyway, at least I know now that I do like most of my current ending. It just needs a little more oomph.

• Ninja Girl put something in our downstairs toilet yesterday, and we have yet to fix it though both Nick and I have attempted the usual plunger/snake strategies. She's done this before, too, and I can't figure out for the life of me why this is so entertaining. Dino Boy was never that interested in the toilet—it scared the living daylights out of him, actually—so this is new, frustrating territory. I'm trying to look at the bright side, though: running up the stairs to go to the bathroom will burn more calories, right?

• There's something intoxicating about NaNo. Reading about everyone hitting word count goals and working so hard? Yeah, it makes me want to work, too! Except I said I wouldn't, dangit. For the first time in awhile, I actually kind of wanted to write last night. I must admit it has been a chore for about, oh, six months. I worked, but it was out of duty and not love. I feel like the love is slowly coming back, and I need to stay very still for fear that it'll run away again.

• There's this commercial that's really ticking me off. It's for some big SUV and features this "cool kid" who's all complaining about how his parents drive a dorky car that ruins his image. And then he's all "this big SUV is cool and stylish and so me." What makes me most angry is the end tagline that goes something like "just because you're a parent doesn't mean you have to be lame." Seriously? Is that what parenting has become? We're supposed to make sure our children aren't embarrassed of us? We're supposed to cave to their desires instead of teaching them that crowd following is foolish? Oy, I could rant about this all day.

• And I need a fifth random thought, because heaven forbid I end on an even number. Oh, yes. Got one. I really like light reading. I said this on Twitter yesterday, but I can't help saying it again. I like sparkles and swooning and happy endings! I like funny, light, quick, and smart. I know we're all supposed to be into the deep tortured stuff, but when it comes to my entertainment in any medium, I want to feel happy! I want to laugh! I want to close the book with a smile. I don't think that's such a bad thing, and I'm so grateful for every writer out there who writes this so-called "fluff." To me, it's not fluff at all. It's exactly what I need when I want a break from life, when I need to see the humor in tough situations. So thank you.

Okay, that's what's on my mind today. What's on yours?


  1. I totally agree—NaNo is inspiring. I'm not participating because I have two big projects right now (plus a possible move this month, plus my never-ending attempts to hit the gym more)—but DUDE. I love reading everyone's updates on how much they've written. It's motivating! *Sigh.* If only I could work on everything, all at once.

    Happy reading to youuu! :) And, happy welcome return of your desire to write! Do you keep up with Weronika Janczuk? She wrote 10K yesterday after a l-o-n-g period of time (weeks? months? years? not sure…) not writing. Perhaps if you stick it out through November without writing a word, you'll have this HUGE burning passion to write again. Especially after reading so many awesome novels this month…

    :) Kayla

  2. I write what many consider "fluff". It's humorous women's fiction/contemporary romance. There is always a real story there, mixed in with funny stuff and also some drama and love. But yeah, it's light and entertaining. I like that readers can escape with my books and relax and not need to analyze every word to "get" my story.

    Hope you enjoy all your books this month! If you run out of entertaining, fast reads, check out my book!! ;) A Bitch Named Karma

  3. I. Hate. That. Commercial.
    Ugh, it makes me so mad! That kid is so absolutely arrogant and has NOT A CLUE! Yeah, maybe your parents are "lame" because they're out paying for leather jackets and Heath Ledger haircuts for their son instead of new cars. Just a guess, I don't know. Parents aren't lame! And this is coming from someone who is technically still a teenager...[/endrant]

    Anyway, I relate to your rewriting woes. I always feel like I should be tearing it all up and starting over, when I don't really need to.

    Good luck with NaNoReaMo! Keep us updated! :)

  4. Oh, and my kids never put stuff down the toilet...but the other day I caught my son putting a stuffed animal into his Diaper Champ diaper pail. Yuck. Luckily it got stuck...or I never would have know he did it.

  5. I can't wait to read the oomphy ending.

    I also think the word oomphy is neat. ;)

  6. It's important to be able to recognize advertisements as attempts on my pocket book. Usually when I recognize this I get angry and make a mental note to NOT buy that particular thing, unless I just want it anyway. Those "I'm a teen girl" commercial makes me laugh, but I'm far too jaded to succumb to something like that.

  7. I saw that commercial last night and I don't like it either. The other commercial that I hate is the one about the photo editing that ends with "This product gives me the family that nature never could." So the family isn't good enough for the mom not to be embarrassed by them? Nice message.

    I love your 5th random thought too! I've been thinking lately about how trivial and light-minded I must be because I want to read happy funny books. Anyway, hooray for happiness!

  8. I like happy endings too. I often do that thing that Kate Hudson does in the movie Alex and Emma, where she reads the ending of the book first in order to find out if the book is worth reading. Even though it can ruin the surprise, at the same time I've read several books that I never wanted to pick up again because the endings were disappointing. And more often than not, when I read the endings first, I'm not tempted to go back to the beginning.

  9. I don't like that commercial, either. What a smug, awful little kid, presented as funny and cute. :(

    And I love light reading, too! There's enough bad stuff in the world; there's nothing wrong with appreciating happily ever afters. :)

  10. I'm glad you mentioned that commercial. I HATE the messages that most commercials have. There is this one here in the UK that is particularly bothering me right now: A man is excitedly preparing for the birth of his son, imagining that he will be a professional football player, etc. Then he finds out he is having a girl, and sadly re-paints the blue room bright pink and decorates it with a dollhouse and a Barbie doll. I think it's a commercial for a painting machine. The blatant sexism makes me so angry! Sorry, I had to rant.

  11. Personally, I love reading "fluff," too! And haven't seen the commercial, but I agree. Lame!

  12. Wow, sometimes I'm glad I only get one channel on TV. I miss all those annoying commercials. That one sounds extra bad. Sheesh!

  13. Ohmygosh, yes, that commercial is TERRIBLE.

    And yay for happy endings, laughter, and smiles!

  14. You mentioned one of the many reasons I'm glad we don't watch TV.

    And one of our boys likes putting things down the toilet too. I researched what to do (remove toilet from the floor, remove object from the underside, reinstall toilet) only to discover that in Thailand they don't bolt toilets to the floor. They cement them :-/

  15. About that commercial--we parents need to unite and remind them who buys the vehicles because it's certainly not that lazy kids so concerned about THEIR image.

    Ask me if I care. My attitude has long been, "Wow, it sucks to be you."

    That's also why some of my kids were 19 before they got their driver's license. Gotta have the GPA before I sign for anything.

    *grins evilly*

  16. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I always thought part of the point of being a teenager was driving the lame car, the broken down car, and/or your parent's because, wait for it, you don't have your own car. Your image is Broke Teen. Embrace it.

    I agree. I love the fluff. There's nothing wrong with a nice HEA. Happy reading. :)

  17. I love reading fluff :) It makes me happy!

  18. 4 is an unlucky number in Japan.

    Yeah, Nano is inspiring. I've never finished a project outside Nano :( Going to fix that next year. Either way, I hope I'm never unavailable for Nano. Cuz I love it to little itty bitties.

  19. I love "fluff" too. And if I could capitalize quotation marks, the ones around that word would be capitalized.

    The thing is, I like what I like, and that applies to books, music, movies, TV shows, magazines, etc. I hate pretense when it comes to that type of thing. I love happy endings, and I'm gonna just own it. :)

    Happy reading! And I mean that on multiple levels.