Sunday, November 21, 2010

What I (er, Didn't) Read This Week: Week 3


I'm behind. I *did* read a book, but then I had to crit a manuscript asap. That took time. I try to be thorough. It's the least I can do. There might also be 17.5k words on my WIP involved in there as well...

But I am going to hold my head high! So I might not hit my goal of 12 books—I did get over half so far. AND I've written over 27k on my WIP this month, which is basically half of NaNo in the last two weeks. All things considered, I've had a lovely NaNo experience thus far. PROGRESS, people, that's what's important.

I almost thought for a second that I might be able to hit the NaNoWriMo goal, but then I realized my book will probably be done in like 10k. That's weird. This WIP has spent such a long time *not* being done. First draft done? Whoa.

Anyway, I have a book to talk about!

7. Hourglass by Claudia Gray
Yes, sometimes I like vampire books, okay? Actually, the Evernight series is the only vamp one I'm still following. I LIKE it. I just do. (So if you don't I am plugging my ears right now. *la la la la* I can't hear you.) And the third installment in the series was cuh-RAZY, guys.

Seriously, who has read this? Because I want to freak out with someone. Like, could you believe when she freaking ______? And then when he up and ______? And when they ______? Dude. I was seriously wigging out by the end. It took a VERY different turn from what I expected, but I actually LOVE that turn. It's horribly smart and awful.

It was just plain crazy. Tense. Surprising. Hot. Sad. Everything. I cannot wait for Afterlife, which comes out in March. Man, I will not be waiting to read that one because Hourglass left me on the edge of my seat.

And that's it this time. I will push on with NaNoReaMo, and hopefully I will have more than one book to talk about next week!


  1. PROGRESS. That word hit me in the head today like a big fat pillow. It felt great. It was my word of the day, the one that really mattered. Progress and beyond!

  2. Whether reading or writing you totally rock!

    Impressive word count on your WIP!

  3. I stopped reading this after a few chapters because I couldn't get into it (not sure why, I enjoyed the first two...) but you've given me reason to give it a second go!

  4. Haven't read Evernight.

    You know, the thing about Nano is this: If you don't make your goal at the end, you've still made incredible progress, and still done something that you wouldn't have otherwise.

    Plus, I can't see how "accidentally" writing 27, 000 words could ever be a bad thing. You've got more words than me and I'm sctually doing Nanowrimo. lol.