Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday The Thirteeners!

I'm participating in a group blog! It's called Friday The Thirteeners, and it's a small group of authors debuting in 2013, ready to take your Truth Or Dares.

This marks kind of a new phase in blogging for me, which is strange to say after four years in the game. But. I have never joined a group blog! And it's been really fun to plan with these ladies for the past several month, to get to know them, and to meet more writers who are going through the same debut nerves as I am.

Please check out the blog! There are fabulous prizes (13 of them!), and you have a chance to challenge me to a Truth Or Dare. And don't worry, I'm not one to wuss out. Whatever I end up with should be utterly humiliating, and available for viewing next week:)


  1. I just saw about your new group. It looks awesome. I think it's a good idea for your debut to join a group.

  2. The new blog looks terrific. I'll check back later - need some time to think up a good truth or dare. Congrats on your book!