Monday, October 15, 2012

6-Word Pitch Contest Winners!

I have to brave the grocery store with my three punks this morning, so let's get down to business. Winners! Please note, I chose these completely based on my own reading preferences and am in no way implying that, by not choosing you, that your pitch wasn't good. I really enjoyed all of them! Pitching in 6 words is no easy task and I loved seeing the variety of things you all were working on.

If you see you name and pitch below, please email me at natalie (at) nataliewhipple (dot) com. We will get things worked out from there:)

• Kathryn Rose: Merlin's steampunk apprentice must save Camelot. (This sounds like a mash-up I would love.)

• .jessica: Girl-assassins. Victorian carnival. Kill/be killed. (You had me at Victorian carnival.)

• Corey Wright: Teen couple attempts friendship after breakup. (I'm actually a huge contemporary fan, and this sounded like a wonderful recipe for drama, disaster, and romantic tension.)

• Maya Prasad: Futuristic India. Girl hacks own mind. (Dude. There is just so much intrigue here, and I love novels that go outside the European/American world-building mold.)

• Jeigh: Synesthetic girl tastes Phoenix music. Dangerous. (I wrote a paper on Synesthesia a long time ago, so the word automatically gets me interested. I also want to know what Phoenix music is.)

• owlandsparrow: Boy's greatest wishes come true—unfortunately. (I love the contradiction here—the idea that whoever this boy is, he's in for disappointment and possible disaster.)

Thanks again to all who entered! Such fun seeing what you came up with.


  1. Great pitches! Congrats to the winners. A number of those would interest me as a reader. :)

  2. Such fabulous pitches! Congrats to the winners!

  3. JEIGH, LOOK! YOU WON! *noogienoogienoogie*

    I also love Maya Prasad's pitch :D

  4. Haha, Christine! Thanks for your support! Yay, thanks Natalie!

  5. Just wanted to say congrats to all the winners, but especially to Corey, my book twin!

  6. Wow. These all sound great. Congrats, winners.

  7. Oohhh, some really great pitches here! Congrats winners!