Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Upcoming Events!

Events! I have them! This is seriously weird to me that I can legitimately sign books like a real author, but I wanted to let you guys know some of the things I'll be doing this year so far. You know, in case you want to see me or the awesome authors I'll be hanging with from time to time. Here's the current list—hope you can make it to some of these!

Escape Reality Event w/ Elana Johnson, J.R. Johansson, Bree Despain, and Kasie West: July 9th, 2013. 7PM at the Provo Library in Provo, Utah.

EARTHBOUND tour. Signing w/Aprilynne Pike, Brodi Ashton, and Jessica Day George: July 31st, 2013. 7PM at the Sugarhouse Barnes & Noble in Salt Lake City, Utah.

EARTHBOUND tour. Signing w/Aprilynne Pike, Wendy Toliver, and Jessica Day George: August 1st, 2013. 6:30PM at the Grand Teton Barnes & Noble in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Vegas Valley Book Festival: October 30 – November 2, 2013.

Pleasant Grove Library Writers Series: November 14, 2013. 7PM. "5 Things Every Beginning Needs" at The Pleasant Grove Library in Pleasant Grove, Utah.


  1. Congrats on these events. Hope you make it to Illinois someday.

  2. Sounds like some awesome events with awesome authors. I'd love to meet you all, especially you and Elana Johnson.

  3. I'm bummed that I'll be leaving Utah before any of those take place. Any chance you'll be at Elana's Orem signing on June 13?

  4. I hope that someday, you'd come out to California!

  5. This is going to keep you quite busy!