Thursday, October 25, 2007

Getting There

So I'm really starting to get there with my query and synopsis now. I can't believe it, but I am loving my query right now. I think it's miles better than it was last week. I really shaved it down and it sounds good and says what it needs to say.

The synopsis is coming along (down to 3.3 pages!), but I still don't think I'll be sending out my things this Friday as planned. My editor friend, Joey, said he would read it one more time over the weekend and I really want that extra opinion and grammar check before I send it out.

Therefore, next week is definitely the week! Very behind my planned date of send-out, but I'm actually doing it and that's what matters, right? Maybe that will give me time to figure out a few more agents I would like to query. I have a top two now, but three would be cool, and ten would be even cooler. I get butterflies just thinking about the inevitable rejection, lol.

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