Tuesday, October 23, 2007

This is Hard

Wow, so in researching agents I've found that this whole publishing business is scary. I keep reading all these things people expect of my query and synopsis and I want to hide under a bottle cap and have a good cry.

I am such a perfectionist, and since these people clearly expect perfection, or at least very close, I feel like I'm never going to make it. I look at my query and just say, "Well, crap." And then my synopsis, they want a 2-3 pager, mine is finally down to five. Now I still have to cut a lot. I often wonder why the heck I keep going, but here I am cutting the crap out of my once obese, now slightly overweight synopsis.

If I can get my synopsis short enough and pretty enough, if I can make my query sound respectable, then I plan to send this out to my first agent this week. I have had her in mind for nearly two months now, and I am excited, but terrified she will turn me down because she is by far my favorite agent I've read about. If she doesn't want it, I'll have to figure out who to send it to next, which is very up in the air right now.

Why am I doing this again?


  1. Wow, I didn't realize all that had to go into publishing!

  2. Yeah... synopsis... ugh...

    Also, I love Bethany's comment, because it's so indicative of non-aspiring-writers. Which isn't bad! It's just like, if you're not in it, you just won't know/understand. Which is why I SO appreciate writers like you and Kiersten openly blogging about your experiences and journey to publication. Because you get it. You've done it. And that makes me think that I can too. :)