Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Inside My Brain Wednesday

Sometimes my brain goes out of control. Instead of having like one major idea for a post, it's just all over the place. Hey, my brain can't be awesome everyday. It's tiring, frankly. So, a peek into what's going on in there today:

• SCBWI LA is happening this week. I am not in LA. Kiersten and Steph and a bunch of other cool people ARE in LA/will be. *insert copious whining here* That's the blessing/curse of the internet, folks. Sometimes it's so cool to see what other people are doing, but then sometimes you just want to be there too! Gah. Better stop there.

• At least I'm going to San Francisco next Friday! This soothes the envy monster very well. I am probably meeting a certain agent, and I get to spend the whole long weekend with Kasie. Woot. ALSO, The Dread Pirate Sara is coming to visit ME in September! So I have plenty to be happy about. Take that, SCBWI LA.

• The Ninja Girl has become a Tinkerbell nazi. If it's not on, things get ugly. I have taken to rewriting it in my head as YA to quell the insanity. Terrance, Bobble, Tinkerbell love triangle FTW! Yeah, that's how many times I've watched Tinkerbell and the sequel in the past month. (And yet I'm secretly excited for the third one to come out.)

• I now have about 10 chapters until the rewrite of Transparent is finished. Three of those chapters will be lifted/edited from the old draft. That means I'm so freaking close to done! I can hardly believe it. Something else I can't believe? This book is good. Of course there's still a lot of work to do, but it's so much better than it was before.

• Being an adult sucks. It's all the little stuff that adds up—calling insurance companies, scheduling appointments, cleaning up barf, taxes, shopping. When you're a kid, if you don't do it you can count on someone else covering your back (i.e. Mom). Now? Freaking crap, I AM the mom, the maid, the cook, the gardener, etc. Go hug your moms for all that stuff they did for you.

• My hair is taking forever to grow. If you didn't know, I'm growing it out for Locks of Love. I've come a long way (about 6 inches), but I need at least 4 inches more. It's driving me crazy. My hair hasn't been this long since like 7th grade. I was never really taught how to deal with long hair! I keep getting it caught on stuff. Or it falls in my food. Or I smack someone with it when I flip it over my shoulder. I need training—I missed this section of girl school.

• I wish I could write right now. But at the same time waiting until nap time gets me so antsy that I think I work harder with the time I have. Working on a timer really lights a fire under my butt. It's weird. If I don't have some kind of deadline or goal, I just don't write at all and I get really depressed and stuff. It's like I'm an over achiever or something.

This concludes Inside My Brain Wednesday, the non-series that sounds like one. (I promise I will not torture you by doing this weekly, don't worry.)


  1. I, too, am (not so secretly, now) waiting the next Tinkerbell movie. And have watched/own the first two.


    But I don't have small children.

  2. Oh man, I donated my hair to LoL 3 times, and it gets progressively harder to stand each time. That said, the relief after you cut gets progressively greater each time! :D

    Props to you for hanging in there!

  3. I have a bunch of that adult-world stuff going on in the next couple weeks. I'd love to just let somebody else do it for me. Have you seen the Barbie movies? I'm a big fan.

  4. Jess, that makes you very awesome in my book.

    Kristan, I've never had hair long enough to donate, but I am determined!

    Jessie, I haven't seen the Barbie movies. I, uh, have issues with Barbie. (I also don't own any princess movies. We'll see when I cave.)

  5. We watch Cars so often that my dh is beginning to treat it like scripture and start a religion around it. "The broken road is a symbol ... it's so deep ..."

  6. LOL - I so feel you. I don't know if you saw my tweet, but my friend Elissa Cruz is having a pity party on her blog for those of us not going to SCBWI LA.

    I've been trying to write all day, but my kids have it in for me. I now have to vacuum and put all the clothes back in the drawers.

  7. That's awesome that you're donating your hair. When you want to smack someone when you flip it, you have to really lean your head in so that you get the momentum going. Otherwise, it'll all come undone and just fly in the breeze. If you can get it right, it's classified as a second-class weapon of coconut shampoo-smelling goodness. Good luck.

  8. YAY!!!! You're coming to see me in 9 days!!! Did you write about anything else in this post because my brain got stuck on that one? :)

    (Jessie, I love the barbie movies too. I've seen almost every single one)

  9. Donated my hair last time to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. They take it two inches shorter than LOL.

  10. I wish I had an altruistic goal for growing out my hair other than having it look AWESOME in graduation pictures...maybe I'll keep growing so I can donate. Potentially you could try playing hair dresser to avoid Tinkerbell? It's never too early to learn how to braid hair.

  11. I always feel bad for my mom... she needs to be everything! Counselor, chef, maid, builder...the list goes on and on... But I decided since I'm 20 and am on a break from school full time that I'd help her out. I'm tired.

    Mom's are superhero ninjas. Period.

  12. How about a bun for the hair issue? Long hair can be a pain =)
    Have fun in San Francisco!

  13. Pulling out the Barbie movies for Ninja Girl. When do you want them?

    I guess she can watch them when she's visiting grammi. BTW I've watched them lots of times with pikaleigh.

  14. I had something meaningful to say but I just keep laughing at the fact that you sandwiched 'taxes' between 'cleaning up barf' and 'shopping.' Very interesting, Natalie. :P

    Also, CONGRATS!! on being so close to finishing Transparency! :D Oh, Frabjuous Day!

  15. LOL Natalie! I am SO with you. :( on SCBWI LA (though I'm planning on going next summer with some fab people so YEAH on that!)

    ITA with the mom-thing! I love my boys but I hate being the mom sometimes. I just want someone to take care of ME sometimes!

    And YES on the writing with a timer thing! Truth is, I do most things better with a timer, lol. It's probably because (see above) I hate being the mom and I dread most regular-jill things I have to do. Like housework. Making dinner. Shopping. Blech. So yeah. I love my timer. Makes housework bearable and writing time FLY.

    Good luck with those almost-done revisions! Woot!

  16. Yeah, sometimes being an adult stinks. There are days I long for being a kid again with no worries except thinking about what homework I had.

    Excited that you get to meed the Dread Pirate Sara (assuming I'm thinking of the same one :) ) I got to meet her during NaNo since she lives about an hour away--she's pretty awesome, but I'm sure you already knew that!

  17. Aw, thanks, inthewritemind -- you're pretty awesome yourself!

    And I am SO UNBELIEVABLY PUMPED for September!! Seriously, I keep checking my calendar. Squeeee!!

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  19. That was a fun journey, and I hear you on the "being everything all the time RIGHT NOW" feeling.

    I wish your hair would grow faster, too, but I'm telling you right now I'm liking my long right now...cutting it might be traumatic.

  20. They should definitely add a few sections to girl school... like how to keep your hair from scaring others after a windows-down drive, for example.