Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Sketch, Etc.

Of course I love all my characters, but then there are some that I LOVE, if that makes sense. Seth Mitchell from Transparent is one of those characters. I think I've drawn him several times, but here he is again! He's the first of a few character sketches I plan on doing for Transparent. Fiona's brother Miles is up next (which means nothing to you, huh. sorry). I should probably name the series. Like...The Guys of Transparent.

Now if that doesn't sound like an awesome calendar, I don't know what does.

Also, I want to profess my love for Ally Carter. I'm reading Only The Good Spy Young right now, and I'm in awe of her spy girl series. It just gets better and better, and I'm sure that is no simple feat. Her writing is so easy on the eyes, and her characters are fabulous. Sigh. Heist Society was also amazing. Can you tell I'm a huge fan? If she ever came to Utah, I would so be there, fighting to be first in line.

And to round out the news that is only cool to me, I should hit 50k in Transparent this weekend! Woot! I don't know what it is, but I love hitting 50k. For some reason that number means it's a book. It means the end is in sight. I'm guessing I'll finish around 60-65k, so yeah. Close! Then more edits! Yay.


Have a lovely weekend. I will likely have another sketch up tomorrow! So those of you who, like me, aren't at SCBWI LA, you have something to look forward to, right? Okay, it won't be that exciting, but I'll try.


  1. Mmmmm He's CUTE! I too adore Ally Carter- she writes the books that I wish I could... It's like she peers in to my soul or something. I want to be a spy!!! And I'm definitely with you on the 50,000 thing. New project of mine has about 5,000, and 50 seems a LONG way off, but nobody said that this writing/novel thing would happen overnight!

  2. I'll come and look at your sketch! I am missing SCBWI, too, but maybe another year....

    Seth is hot.


  3. Great picture. I'm always really envious of people who can draw!

  4. I say a pox on SCBWI LA! Who needs it, anyway? I'm sure it will be uber lame and boring and overcrowded with agents and editors and amazing authors and . . . and . . .



  5. I just finished DON'T JUDGE A GIRL BY HER COVER, and can't WAIT to get the next book. She is amazing :)

    MILES!! DUDE I can totally draw Fiona for you. And I'd draw her perfectly.


  6. Seth is cool. And I love all the spells he pulls out of that book!

  7. Loving the sketch. Transparent sounds like a wonderful story!

  8. You're amazing! My daughter is really trying hard to learn how to draw anime/manga using mostly photoshop. She's getting pretty good at shading but has no knowledge of drawing the initial outlines.

    She really wants a tablet (not a tablet PC, but like a tablet for digital art ... I'm sure you know) and I'm hoping to be able to get her one soon.

    Today's guest blogger is Rose Cooper!

  9. Oh yeah, I totally want to read that series. TRANSPARENT first, though. ;) Go go go!

  10. Thanks for reminding me to check out Ally Carter's books. I've read a few recommendations now, and she sounds great.

    I love your sketch. If Seth had green eyes and broader shoulders, he'd look like my brother, Calvin. How tall is he?

  11. One of my favourite things in the blogosphere is checking out your drawings. They're so ridiculously awesome.

  12. I wish I could sketch like you! once upon a time...
    now I can only write poetry, visit my blog & see!