Thursday, July 8, 2010

Shiny Things Everywhere!

(Note: I have a guest post up about "What I Wish I Knew While Querying" over at Sara Larson's blog, if you're interested in that kind of stuff.)

Have you noticed? Does it call to the miser in you like it does to me? Maybe these lines sound familiar:

Just leave a comment.

Just answer one question in comments

Just tweet, FB, blog, etc. about it and leave a link in comments.

Make a video.

Draw a Picture.

Write a Poem.

Make me laugh.

There are contests everywhere these days! Free books. Crits. Swag. Every time I hit a blog and see a contest, there's this little niggling in the back of my head. I could win. I like free stuff.

I mean, how do you pass up a free book? And a FREE BOOK just for commenting? It's like gambling, except you're spending time and not money. And seriously, with how many contests there are these days you could spend all day everyday entering them.

I've had to turn the other way for many, because I have, like, kids and work to do. I hear that's more important than winning free stuff. (I'm still skeptical.)

But then sometimes there are contests I just can't ignore. I mean, ignoring one free book is hard, but a whole STACK? Yeah, right. So I'm totally hocking some contests today, ones you might want to jump in on as well.

1. Kiersten White's ARC Extravaganza
Not only is she giving away her last ARC of Paranormalcy, but she also sweetening the prize with some of the most coveted ARCs out there: Matched and Firelight. It's already out, but she's also throwing a Before I Fall ARC in there too. Um, yeah. *Drool*

Your job? Create something to celebrate Paranormalcy. Not too much to ask for all that awesome. Really, her book is worth it.

2. Cindy Pon's Ultimate Multicultural Bonanza

In celebration of multicultural lit, Cindy is giving away SEVEN books featuring characters of color. Obviously, I'm a huge fan of this, and she happened to pick several books that are way up there on my To Buy list. Man, I want to win. So. Bad.

3. Bree Despain's Video Viewing Challenge
Bree has a fabulous trailer up for her book The Dark Divine. It played in movie theaters all over Utah I know for sure, and maybe more places. But anyway, she's throwing fabulous books into the giveaway basket based on the number of views her trailer gets. I think we're almost to SIX books off a crazy good list of awesome. I can't help myself, so I'm doing my part. Watch the video and bump up that pool.

Okay, I feel better now. I could win some free stuff. I probably won't, but I COULD. And you could too!


  1. Cool contests. Thanks for linking to them!

  2. Yeah, thank you sooo much for linking! I've so entered the seven free books thingy- thanks- you're great!


    *gets to work*

  4. I don't care what anyone says: I WANT FREE STUFF! hahaha

  5. Haha, I do the ones where you only have to leave a comment, because like you, I have stuff to do, and I already procrastinate it enough. (PLUS I AM LAZY. Doh. That doesn't really bode well for the "stuff to do," does it?)"

  6. I'm pretty sure all my good contest karma got used up winning an ARC of Paranormalcy but it was worth it. I NEVER win cool stuff.

  7. Thanks for the links! That trailer rocks! A very husky narrator's voice. :)

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  9. Yeah for contests! I've won some great stuff out here in the blogosphere!

    Thanks for linking to these I'll go check it out!

    And I'm linking my current contest (all you have to do is follow and comment, honest) Check out my BEA BONANZA BOOK GIVEAWAY!

  10. Thanks for the links, Natalie!

    I wish I'd posted my contest before you posted this. You'd like it. ;o)