Thursday, August 12, 2010

Antique Stores: With Donny Osmond and She-Hulk

I love antique stores. Even when I was younger, I didn't mind going to them with my mom. They're just so...weird. Seriously, I could spend all day digging around in antique stores and finding funny things. Old stuff is funny. And cool.

Before my flight left, Kasie happened to take me to this awesome antique store in downtown Clovis. It was this pretty historic area with old western stores and a farmer's market every week. I wish I could have explored more, but I did find some great stuff anyway:

The old school laptop. When Dino Boy saw this picture, he didn't know what it was of course. Try explaining a type writer to a techno-savvy four-year-old sometime. It's a blast. (Also, I have no clue what that dog/wolf/mutant/paper weight thing is in front of it.)

Old spice containers! Just what everyone wants! Also, please note the creepy old guy mug. Looking at it now, I kind of regret not buying it.

The title of this piece: "My Friend." Teehee. I mean, who would pay that much for a picture of someone else's dog? Okay, maybe a dog person would. I just found it funny.

Look! It's the Justin Beiber of the 70s! And he's even still in the box. I gotta admit I almost bought this, just because. Maybe I would have if it came with Donny's memoir.

She-Hulk! I can't imagine why they had practically the whole collection of this series...I mean, She-Hulk is dead sexy. I wish I could pull off an orange flower bikini like that.

Can you feel his pain? His determination? The best part of this statue you might not be able to see—it's titled "Fabulous Statue." Fabulous, indeed.

Hey! We're not antiques...yet. Okay, I just had to share the ONE picture me and Kasie got together on this trip. You know, the day I left, right before we headed for the airport.

And that concludes me talking about my trip. Sorry, had to milk it for all it was worth. I suppose I'll actually have to think of blog material tomorrow. Oh wait! I can do a sketch. Sweet.


  1. Wow! You have a good eye for the neatest things!

  2. Awesome. I think She-Hulk deserves a resurrection. That comic looked SO epic!

  3. I've spent hours in those very shops! They are fun. Did you go to Sals for lunch? It's a great Mexican restaurant in old town.

  4. Candi, we did do Mexican, but I can't remember which place she took me to. Yeah, I'm lame like that.

  5. "I suppose I'll actually have to think of blog material tomorrow. Oh wait! I can do a sketch. Sweet."


    I cracked up at this entire post. You should caption life.

  6. Antique stores are AWESOME. I like going through the old pictures--ones from the late 1800s. I'd never buy them of course but it's always interesting to look at them and wonder why the family sold them to begin with (being the family history nut that I am, I can't even imagine...)

    Even better is an antique mall. :)

  7. I use to have one of those Donny Osmond dolls. He had purple socks too!
    I also had Marie. Can't have rock-n-roll without a little bit of country.

  8. Those are really great photos. I love the one of you and Kasie.

    And as Kathryn said, you do find the neatest things.

  9. "The Justin Bieber of the 70s." ROFL

    Great finds and pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    You both look adorable in that last one, btw.

  10. Like Taffy, I had that Donny Osmond doll too (and Marie). (I had EVERYTHING Donny and Marie back in the day.) What great memories you brought back with this post!

  11. That's a picture of a Corgi!! Yay for Corgi love!

    And don't worry. I plan on milking my Utah trip for DAYS AND DAYS.

  12. Yeah! I'm from Fresno. I know that antique store. My aunt used to have the back left corner! Finding cool antiques. CHECK. Figuring out what to blog about. empty box...

  13. So fun. I'm still bummed I didn't buy that Fabulous statue. It would've gone so nicely in my house. :) Miss you.