Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Contest: Paranormalcy Party

You guys may have heard that I know a certain author named Kiersten White. She might be my friend or something (as long as I meet the deadline she gave me for Transparent, that is, otherwise she'll probably glare me to death).

You guys also may have heard that her debut novel, Paranormalcy, is coming out NEXT WEEK (August 31st, if you're living under a rock/in the Mockingjay haze). She has a contest starting today, and of course I can't help but hold my own in honor of this momentous occasion.
Hi, aren't I the prettiest book ever? (Yes, yes you are.)

I mean, c'mon, one of my best friend's book is about to be a REAL THING. We've talked about this, dreamed about it, worked for it for a long time. And even though I know it's not MY book, it's so incredible to see someone you care about meet that goal. So, lot's of happy, awe-filled feelings here. How could I not go all out? And besides, this coincides perfectly with my usual contest schedule anyway.

Kiersten is giving away Paranormalcy, an iPod Shuffle, and other awesome swag. Me? Well, I'm going for a more...useful (okay, cheaper, really) prize. But I PROMISE it's good. And if you're a writer, maybe you'll want it. You ready?

The PRIZE: A Full Manuscript Critique
Yes, the winner will get me for a reader. I hope you think that's a good prize, sorry if you don't. I promise to read your whole manuscript and provide the best critique I can. Should I throw in a drawing too? Yeah, I think so.

To Enter:
1. For one entry, take a Picture of Paranormalcy "in the wild." Kiersten wants it at home, but I'm gathering the other pictures. At a cafe, in the jungle, at a dojo, whatever. And it has to be the actual book (or ebook, as long as I can tell it's Para)—not an ARC.

2. For an additional TWO entries, provide proof of purchase. I'm not asking for your bank account info or anything—just the Amazon box, for example, or proof that it's at home with you, or a snippet of the receipt, etc. I just want to know that you actually purchased it.

3. Send pictures/proof to natalie (at) nataliewhipple (dot) com. The winner will be drawn randomly.

All entries must be sent before midnight, September 7th.

So there you have it! After Mockingjay rips your heart out, enter these contests. I promise Paranormalcy will fill the void with warm fuzzies and crazy paranormal creatures.


  1. Holy wow! I can't believe the amazing contests going on!

  2. Wowzers! Great contest...
    Now, time to get my book and start posing!
    Say cheese!
    Actually really want this. EEk!
    Kerrianne xx

  3. Wow, what an AWESOME prize! I'm definitely going to have to enter.

  4. I want this SO bad!!! So, so bad! :)

    Thanks Natalie!

  5. I love your prize. I'm entering for sure.

  6. Does a Kindle edition count? I didn't want to wait for mailing times :(

  7. Kindle totally counts! Just take a picture:)

  8. Awesome! I was planning on buying it anyway, but if you're going to give me extra incentive to purchase it the day of, well why not??

  9. Cool contest! Can't wait for Para to come out. :)

  10. That is such an amazing prize! Even better than money can buy...

    I can't wait to read this book :)

  11. This is one of the coolest prizes I've seen! Thanks for the opportunity! I get to pick up Paranormalcy and enter contests for it? Double WIN!

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  13. Hi Lo, yes, my contest is open internationally, since I'm not shipping anything:) As long as your manuscript is in English, I can read it!

  14. Squee! What fun! Now I have to make sure I remember to bring my camera with me at all times.

  15. oh no! i'll be in italy when the deadline hits.

    and actually, it looks like amazon's going to foil my entry anyways because it says estimate delivery of sep 3-8.

    *huge sigh*

    and to think of the places PARANORMALCY and i could go in italy!

  16. *bounces Squeetfully* My copy arrived over the weekend, so I can actually ENTER! HUZZAH!! *plots places to take photos now* Bwa ha ha.

  17. Gah, I wish my manuscript were ready to be critiqued. I'd totally enter. Good luck to everyone!