Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Paranormalcy!!! It's OUT!!!

Hey guys, a really awesome book comes out today! No, not Clockwork Angel, though I'm sure that book will be plenty cool. I'm talking about my dear friend Kiersten White's book—Paranormalcy!

Have you checked out my contest yet? You should if you're a writer—it's not everyday you have a chance to win a full manuscript critique. A picture of Paranormalcy in the wild is your ticket to entry.

You might get tired of me talking about this, but I swear I won't go too overboard. It's just so exciting! Paranormalcy is OUT THERE—in bookstores! on real SHELVES! you can order it online and it's not a pre-order anymore!

It's amazing that it's finally here. I'm so happy for Kiersten. Having watched her work so hard, go through every up and down of trying to get published, I know how much this means.

Sometimes, getting a book published seems like nothing short of a miracle. So many things have to line up just right. There are so many steps—so many people to please—and all it takes is one thing to throw it all off. Every publishing story, even the "fairy tale" ones, come with a lot of hard work and waiting that people seem to forget about.

I met Kiersten before Paranormalcy was even a thought, before she had an agent, before she'd written the book that got her an agent. Two and a half years ago, we were both just two aspiring writers with nothing to show. Okay, scratch that, she had a novella published in Leading Edge. But I certainly had nothing to show.

We had a lot of crazy dreams—getting agents, getting published, hitting lists, and, yes, even going on tour together. It's amazing that even a couple of those have actually happened, because looking back I don't know if we really knew what we were getting into.

I remember reading Flash. I remember being awed by how good she was and knowing I had a long way to go. When she got her agent off that book, I cried I was so happy. She deserved it.

There's something about writing friends. They get this weird business, how hard and yet rewarding it is. She was there for me when my dragon book ultimately failed in querying. I was there for her when Flash ended up not selling. She was there for me during nine long months of revisions and the offer of representation that came after. I bawled again when she called to tell me about her book deal.

We've been through a lot together—good and bad, happy and sad. I think it's that roller coaster that makes this day so huge for me (uh, and for her). Today isn't just one day. It's the culmination of years of writing, working, waiting, and hoping. Today her dream is officially REAL. And I'm so happy to be able to share this moment with my dearest friend, because in a smaller way it was my dream for her as well. I wish I lived in San Diego so I could celebrate with her! Oh well, I suppose I can wait eleven days.

But I can't wait to go to the bookstore today, to see Paranormalcy there. I can't wait to pick it up, to flip through the pages. I will probably cry. Again. It's kind of what I do.

Congrats, Kierst. It's finally The Day! Enjoy it, okay? :P


  1. Awww, what a sweet post. And one day it will be YOUR turn Natalie!! Can't wait to read the book, hopefully it's on its way :)

  2. So great that you two have supported each other through all of that. My book of Paranormalcy should be in the mail - I won it from a contest that candice kennington held. I'm excited to read it.

  3. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

    Writers are the BEST!!

  4. Natalie!

    This is inspiring, and I'm SO excited. For both of you. I love stories like this!

    :) kayla

  5. Oh crud, your post is making me cry.

    Congrats, y'all. It's not the first step, and it's not the last, but it is A dream come true. And as a writer with writer friends, I know how meaningful it is for both of you. :)

  6. I get all nostalgic when I think of us three MoMo's in those early days. :) Good times.

    I remember sitting in MiMi's Cafe just over a year ago. It's amazing how much has happened since then. :)

  7. Yeah, man, Renee, so much has happened since then! We need a reunion bad:)

  8. What a lovely, thoughtful post! You two sure are two peas in a pod! A very exciting day for both of you! As for me, I got a brand spankin' new book sitting next to me on my desk at work... all pretty and hot pink and whatnot... :)

    Thanks for sharing the memories, Natalie!

  9. I echo Sara's statement :)

  10. YAAAAAAY! The day is finally here!!

    I love Kiersten so much that I feel almost as if it is *my* day, too. I know you feel the same way. :)

  11. I got all teary!!! And I know exactly what you mean. I can't wait for my best writing buds to hit one out of the park and I know they are rooting for me, too.

    With Kiersten, she's so sweet and funny on her blog that I'm all wrapped up in her success, too.

    And I've got my copy of Paranormalcy... and I'm through the first chapter. Can't wait to get home to it. :)

    P.S. Congrats to you Natalie for being a good friend and celebrating yours and Kiersten's big day.

  12. Aw, this is such a beautiful post, and reminds me of why I love the Kidlit industry. The love and support. The cheering and celebrating instead of jealousy and competing. It's lovely to see.

    And on a side note, I'M GOING TO HER LAUNCH PARTY TONIGHT! Can't WAIT!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  13. You are such a great friend, and Kiersten is lucky to have such great support from you!! (And you her!) What an exciting day this is! And yours will be soon, I know it!

  14. Ack, Shannon I am so truly JEALOUS! But have fun. Hmph:P

  15. Aww, wonderful stuff. Sharing in the joy with other writers helps our own paths to publishing as well. It reminds us that it's not hopeless, and that good things happen to good writers and people.

    I was so happy to see "Paranormalcy" come into the review room at the BYU library today. I immediately recommended it to one of my librarian co-workers to read, and she's stoked about it.

  16. I follow your blog and Kiersten's blog pretty consistently, even though I may lurk and not always comment. I can't tell you how excited I am for Kiersten. I don't even know her. But, I feel like I do because of her blog. She's seems like such a funny, amazingly cool and nice person, that I'm just so happy for her. I'm definitely going out and picking up a copy of Paranormalcy. At first I was going to get the e-book version. But the cover is amazing and I kind of want it decorating my bookshelf.

  17. Congrats. This is awesome. I've been watching all the buzz on Twitter and the blogs. Love reading these types of success stories!!!